How to use Backup and checkpoint to synchronize the Secondary volume in VVR

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This method is useful for low bandwidth networks or very large data sets.
When using checkpoints, you take backup of the data on the Primary and physically ship the backup media to the Secondary location, and restore the backup on the

Below are the steps in details:

1. No needed to stop or start replication.

2. Start Checkpoint (e.g. checkpoint=ckp1)

3. Start the block level backup (this can be done with any block-level backup software).

4. Once the block level backup finishes, End Checkpoint.

5. Physically ship the backup media to the Secondary location.

6. Restore the block level backup to the Secondary location. You need to stop the replication before the restore.
To stop replication, select secondary RVG-> Stop Replication.

7. Select secondary RVG, Start Replication and Synchronize from Checkpoint ckp1.


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