Step by Step guide to intalling BERetrieve on a standalone web server or local media server.


Installation procedures may vary, depending on used for the Backup Exec Retrieve installation.

The install must be run using an account with Administrator privileges.  Prior to installation, ensure that the target system meets the application requirements.

To install Backup Exec Retrieve on the media server for users to access there archive files from there on systems:

1. Log on to the desired Web server, or Backup Exec Media Server using an account with administrator privleges. 

2. Insert the Backup Exec installation media into the appropriate drive of the computer.

3 Perform the following steps:  If the installation starts automatically Continue to the next step. If the installation does not automatically start due to disabled AutoPlay, perform the following:

¦ On the Windows desktop, click Start
> Run.

¦ Type: <media drive letter>:\Setup.exe.
For example, e:\setup.exe.

4. Click "Install Products" then "Backup Exec Retrieve 2010"

5. In the Welcome panel, click Next.

6. In the License panel, review the license agreement, and then click "I accept the terms of the license agreement".

7. Click Next.

8. In the Environment Check panel, review the results of the Environment Check . For each requirement, the following results are displayed: The requirement and the recommendations are met. Check mark The requirement is not met. You cannot continue with the installation until the requirement is met. Click the associated link for additional information. 

9. Click Next.

If installation is desired to a non-default path, perform the following steps:

Click Change to select a new folder.
The default path is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec Retrieve\
To change the folder where the Backup Exec Retrieve files are installed
To accept the default Continue to the next step.

11. Click Next to begin the installation.
During the installation of Backup Exec Retrieve, Symantec LiveUpdate or Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 may be automatically installed. 12 In the Complete panel, click Finish.

Once the install has completed on the media server or web server, launch Backup Exec to complete BERetrieve configuration.

From the Backup Exec User Interface, perform the following steps:

1  Navigate to Tools > Options > Backup Exec Retrieve.
2  Check box the "Enable Backup Exec Retrieve to let users retrieve their data".
3  Specify the web server name to be used for users to access the archive data.
4  E-mail users the URL seen for user retrieval


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