How to Export User archive or Journal archive created Basket content to a PST file.

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In some circumstances it may be necessary to export an archives content to PST, and the basket feature will be the only possible solution.  In order to complete the the task follow these procedures. 

On Enterprise Vault Server:

1. In the Enterprise Vault installation folder create a WebApp.ini file and add the following line RestoreToPSTOption = ALL (This will make the option available for all users, see Related Articles section for more options)

Restart Internet Information Server from command line as follows:

- Go to Start | Run

- Type iisreset command and click OK 

2. In the Vault Admin Console (VAC), expand Directory > Archives > Exchange Mailbox and locate the users archive.  

3. Right-click on on the archive and select Properties. 

4. Select the Permissions tab and add the Vault Service Account with with full permissions if it not already listed. 

5. Open browser search.asp web page address in Internet Explorer as follows:  http://EV_Server_Name/EnterpriseVault/search.asp replacing EV_Server_Name with the correct name. 

- Select the users archive and set criteria to export and make the search.
- Select all items and click Add to Basket option.
- The screen will be refreshed and a Basket Name field will appear on the screen as a date link.
- Click on the Basket Name and then on the Restore button

- Complete the fields as follows:

Authenticating Microsoft Exchange mailbox:
Server: ExchangeServerName
Mailbox Alias: EVServiceAccount

Restore the items to: Select PST
Save in Folder:
X:\Folder  (restore into a folder)
PST Limit (MB): Enter a limit. (1000 MB Max value suggested)
Outlook Data File: Outlook Personal Folders File.

- Click Restore.

Where X:\Folder is the physical location.

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