About Nirvanix storage requirements and limitations


About Nirvanix storage requirements and limitations

The following are the requirements for Nirvanix cloud storage:

  • A NetBackup OpenStorage Option license key.

  • A Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network master account user name and password.

  • Default node-replication policy settings for your Nirvanix account. New storage pools inherit the default policies, but you can adjust them for each storage pool to fit your business needs.

    For more information or to verify that your account has the proper settings, contact Nirvanix customer support using the Nirvanix Management Portal.

  • Use NetBackup to create the Nirvanix storage pool that is used for your NetBackup backups. The storage pools that NetBackup creates contain a required Symantec Partner Key. If you use the Nirvanix Management Portal to create the storage pool, it does not contain the partner key. Consequently, that storage pool cannot accept data from NetBackup.

  • Unique storage pool names. Storage pool names must be unique among all users of the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network.

The following OpenStorage capabilities are not supported for Nirvanix storage:

  • Optimized duplication

  • Optimized synthetics

  • Direct to tape (by NDMP)

  • Disk volume spanning of backup images

Information about supported systems is available.

See the NetBackup Release Notes.

See About Nirvanix cloud storage

See Configuring OpenStorage Nirvanix cloud storage

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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