How to perform upgrade to SFW\HA 5.X Platform

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To upgrade to SFW 5.1, your system must have version 4.3 or higher of SFW already installed.
The previously installed version of SFW must meet the minimum product version, which the product installer checks before it upgrades.
Meeting the requirements:
If your current installation does not meet the minimum level required by the installer, you must manually apply the appropriate product upgrades to meet the minimum product level required before proceeding with the installer

It highly recommended to verify that your hardware configuration matches the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL):

The HCL contains a list of supported drivers and firmware for HBAs, disk arrays, and switches that are compatible with Storage Foundation.
The HCL also contains numerous footnotes regarding issues that are specific to certain hardware and configurations.
Installation and Upgrade Guide for 5.1 can be found #
Please refer to chapter 3 (Before upgrading to SFW 5.1) on page 69.
If you have installed VVR or DMP ASL, Please see Page 71 and 82 as you need extra preparation.
Licensing Option:
Please note, You can use the same license key to upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3. However, you need to obtain a different license key for SFW\HA5.X.
Ensure that you have already obtained all the require license before you start the upgrade.

Binary Installation Location:
The binary installation location for 5.1SP1 can be found at #
I also recommend to ensure the following had been meet before the installation.
Reviewing the PATH Statement
In many environments, the PATH variable is limited to 1023 characters. Ensure that there is enough unused space within this variable to accommodate the any paths that are added by the SFW installation. A typical installation of SFW can add over 300 characters to this statement. If the statement already contains numerous paths, the SFW installation may not complete properly
Insufficient DCOM
Insufficient DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) permissions will cause an installation of SFW to fail. Information about checking and configuring DCOM permissions can be found in the following article:
Initial Troubleshooting
·         Log into a console session. Start any Remote Desktop sessions with the "console" switch or use different method such as ILO or KVM.
·         Verify that Driver Signing is set to Ignore
·         Run the installation from a local drive or disk

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