HOWTO: Execute Content Router Re-Routing in PureDisk 6.6 after adding additional storage to one or more Content Routers

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If additional Storage space is added to one or more Content Routers (CR) in a Storage Pool (which alters the percentage of Storage held on each CR) it is neccessary to update the Storage Size and then execute Content Router Re-Routing to rebalance the distribution of stored data. The Administration Guide covers how to do this when adding a new CR to the Storage Pool but not when adding additional storage to an existing CR.

  1. Perform the neccessary OS steps to extend the /Storage/data location.
  2. In the PureDisk GUI click Settings > Topology
  3. In the left pane, select the storage pool
  4. Expand the storage pool until the PureDiskWebUI displays the content router on which you have extended the storage location
  5. Highlight the Content Router component in the left pane and update the "Storage Size (GB)" field in the right pane and click Save.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for any additional Content Routers where the size of the storage location has changed
  7. Highlight the Content Router component on one of the Content Routers (does not matter which) int he left pane and then click Deactivate Content Router in the right pane.
  8. Immediately after that In the right pane, click Activate Content Router. You will be asked if you want to reroute now or later - select Yes,reroute now.
  9. The Re-Routing workflow will now execute either in Serial or Parallel mode (depends on the available space on the CR - parallel will be quicker)

For details on the Re-Routing process see Chapter 9 of the PureDisk 6.6 Administrators Guide which covers Re-Routing when adding a new Content Router.

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