How To add User Account to BESR-MS and Altiris Console



Open the Altiris Console
Click on Start -> All Programs -> Altiris -> Altiris Console 7.0.
On the Altiris Console Home Page.
Click on Settings -> Security -> roles.
On the Roles  page.
Click on Symantec Administratorsunder Security roles on the left hand side.
On the Symantec Administrators Page.
Click On Membership tab.
On the Symantec administrators MembershipTab.
Click on Add button.
A pop up Window 'Symantec Management Console- Select Users or Groupswould appear.
- Check the option Users and Groups.
Select Domains to Search in.
- Enter the Domain name to search in.
- Enter the user name in the Name Query.
- Click find.
- In the results field all the matching results will be displayed.
- Select the desired user name and click ok.
- Make sure that the user is picked from the drop down list and not typed into the "start with window",  there have been several issues with not transfering privelages correctly when typed in instead of chossen from the drop down.

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