Backing up the CommandCentral database


Backing up the CommandCentral database

CommandCentral ships with a database backup script that performs hot backups without interrupting database operations on the CommandCentral database (ccstor).

To back up the CommandCentral databases

  1. Log on to the CommandCentral database server host as root (Solaris) or as an administrator or user in the Administrators group (Windows).

  2. Open a Solaris console or a Windows command prompt.

  3. Run the backup script appropriate for your platform, specifying a backup directory.

    See dbbackup.

    Here is an example for each platform.

    • Solaris:

      /opt/VRTSccs/VRTSccsts/bin/dbbackup /my_db_backups -o

    • Windows:

      "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\Support\tools\dbbackup.bat" c:\MyDbBackupFolder

    The backup script creates backups of the database and its transaction log on the location you specified. For example, for the Solaris command listed earlier, dbbackup creates the following files in /my_db_backups:

    • cccstor.db

    • ccstor.log

    On Solaris, the -o option causes dbbackup to log to a file. You can specify an absolute path and file name, or accept the default: /opt/VRTSccs/VRTSccsts/bin/dbbackup_log

See About the CommandCentral database

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