About the Management Server

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About the Management Server

The Management Server is the central host in CommandCentral.

The Management Server does the following:

  • Provides the discovery of network and storage resources through explorers. Explorers discover information about the hardware and software in your storage network. For example, explorers discover switches, storage arrays, and applications.

  • Provides the discovery of hosts through agentless capabilities. Agentless capabilities let you discover information about a host without installing an agent on the host.

    See How you can discover hosts in CommandCentral.

  • Coalesces data from Standard Agents, Unified Agents, and Control Hosts.

    See About the Standard Agent.

    See About the Unified Agent.

    See .

  • Monitors discovered objects and performs actions in response to certain events and conditions.

  • Displays the information about storage resources through the Console. The Console provides graphical and textual displays with which you can display the data that CommandCentral discovers.

The Management Server consists of several components that perform these functions. The components are as follows:

Figure: CommandCentral Management Server: architecture provides an overview of the server components and their interactions.

Figure: CommandCentral Management Server: architecture

CommandCentral Management Server: architecture

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