Troubleshooting the Storage Provisioning Option


Troubleshooting the Storage Provisioning Option

If problems occur with the Storage Provisioning Option or with storage array hardware, ensure the following:

  • The operating system is supported. If the media server runs Windows Server 2003 R2, ensure that Service Pack 2 or the Microsoft Storage Manager for SANs management tool is installed.

  • The vendor storage array and the vendor hardware provider are supported.

    You can find a list of compatible devices at the following URL:

    Hardware Compatibility List

  • The storage array has power and is turned on.

  • All lights and indicators on the storage array appear normal.

  • The storage array is properly zoned if it is on a SAN.

  • The cables are plugged into the correct ports.

  • The Microsoft DiskRAID command line tool or the Microsoft Storage Manager for SANs management tool can detect and exercise the storage array hardware.

  • The Disk Manager can detect the unmasked virtual disks.

  • The refresh operation has run to detect new virtual disks.

If you installed the Storage Provisioning Option as an evaluation license, ensure that the license is still within the evaluation time period. When the evaluation time period expires, the option functions in a very limited mode.

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