Microsoft SharePoint backup options


Microsoft SharePoint backup options

You can set specific options for SharePoint when you run a backup job.

Table: Microsoft SharePoint backup options



Backup method

Allows you to select from the following backup methods:

  • Full - Back up entire database

    Backs up the entire database.

  • Differential - Back up database changes only

    Backs up only the changes made to the database since the last full backup. The differential backup method cannot be used to back up Index databases or Document Libraries. The Full backup method must be used to back up these resources.

  • Log - Back up and truncate transaction log

    Backs up the data that is contained in the transaction log. This method does not back up database data. After the transaction log is backed up, committed transactions are removed (truncated).

    If the databases are configured for the SQL Server simple recovery model, log backups are not supported. To change the recovery model, use the SQL administration tools to set the recovery model to Full. You should run a new full backup if you change the recovery model before a log backup is run.

    Alternatively, you can run full backups only, or run full and differential backups of the SQL databases that are associated with SharePoint.

Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to enable the restore of individual documents from the database backup (available for full backups only)

Enables the restore of individual documents, images, sites, sub-sites, lists, and list items from database backups. This option is only available when you perform full backups. The option is not available if Differential - Back up database changes only has been selected as the backup method. You must have a current version of the Remote Agent for Windows Systems on the SharePoint server when you run the GRT-enabled backup job.

See How to restore individual items by using Granular Recovery Technology.

Release the lock on the SharePoint farm topology if it is set (SharePoint 2003 only)

Releases the lock on the SharePoint farm topology before you run the backup or restore operation. Because another application may have locked the topology, you should check with your SharePoint administrator before you select this option.

Perform consistency check before backup of Microsoft SQL databases used by Microsoft SharePoint

Runs a full consistency check (including indexes) of the Microsoft SQL databases used by Microsoft SharePoint before you back up the databases.

Continue with backup if consistency check fails

Continues with the backup operation even if the consistency check fails.

See Backing up resources from SharePoint 2003

See Backing up a farm for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

See Backing up individual SharePoint 2007 Web applications in a Microsoft SharePoint server farm

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