About vault store partitions in the Archiving Option


About vault store partitions in the Archiving Option

A vault store partition represents the physical location where the archived items are stored. A vault store can contain one or more vault store partitions. Backup Exec creates one vault store partition in each vault store by default.

As the data in a vault store grows, you can create more vault store partitions to provide additional capacity. You can specify a local drive or a network share as a location for a vault store partition. You cannot specify a path that is a subdirectory in the path for another vault store partition.

A vault store can contain many vault store partitions, but only one partition is open at a time. As data is archived, it is stored in the open partition. You can specify a vault store partition as open or closed by editing the partition properties.

You can restore archived items from closed partitions, as well as delete the archived items that are in closed partitions.

Backup Exec searches the vault store partitions daily to delete the archived items that have expired retention periods. You can specify the time at which this daily operation runs.

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