Active Directory Recovery Agent backup job options


Active Directory Recovery Agent backup job options

Select the appropriate Active Directory Recovery Agent backup job options.

See Backing up Active Directory.

See Backing up ADAM/AD LDS.

Table: Options for Active Directory Recovery Agent backup jobs



Full - Back up entire Active Directory

Due to limitations within Microsoft Active Directory, only the full backup method can be used to back up Active Directory. Incremental and differential backup methods are not available.

Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to enable the restore of individual objects from Active Directory backups (not supported for Read-Only Domain Controllers)

Enables the restore of individual items from full backups of the Active Directory or ADAM/ AD LDS.

Ensure that you meet the requirements for Granular Recovery Technology.

See About requirements for jobs that use Granular Recovery Technology.

Perform consistency check before backup when using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot provider (Windows Server 2008)

Checks snapshots for data corruption. This option applies only to snapshots that are performed by the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS).

If corrupt data is found and this option is not selected, the job fails.

Continue with backup if consistency check fails

Continues the backup job even if the consistency check fails. You may want the job to continue if a backup of the database in its current state is better than no backup at all. Or you may want the job to continue if you back up a large database that may have only a small problem.

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