About restore selections for Microsoft Hyper-V


About restore selections for Microsoft Hyper-V

You can restore data from virtual machines in the following ways:

  • Restore a complete virtual machine for disaster recovery purposes.

  • Restore individual files or folders that were backed up from the virtual machine (if you selected the Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) option for the backup job).


Linux virtual machines must be restored in their entirety at the .vhd level.

In the Restore view, a virtual machine that was backed up with GRT enabled appears under its NetBIOS name or computer name. If you expand the name, then individual files and folders appear.

Figure: Restore with GRT enabled

Restore with GRT enabled

Virtual machines also appear in the Restore view under Virtual Machines. In this view, either the display name appears or the name that you provided for the virtual machine during its creation appears. If you expand the display name for a virtual machine, its contents appear. If you select the virtual machine by its display name, you can recover the entire virtual machine.

Figure: Restore without GRT enabled

Restore without GRT enabled

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