Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Central Admin Server Option (CASO)


Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Central Admin Server Option

Best practices include tips and recommendations to help you use Backup Exec 2010 Central Admin Server Option (CASO) effectively. For more information about CASO, see the Backup Exec 2010 Administrator's Guide.

The following best practices help you use the Central Admin Server Option effectively:

  • Upgrade the central administration server first when you do a rolling upgrade.

  • Cancel any jobs that run on the managed media servers before you perform the upgrade. Then pause and upgrade the managed media servers as soon as possible.

  • Perform test run jobs only at a local media server. You cannot dispatch jobs from a central administration server to a remote managed media server.

The following best practices help you effectively optimize your network bandwidth:

  • Ensure that distributed catalogs are used. CASO uses distributed catalogs by default. Catalog files are stored on the managed media server. However, the central administration server includes some catalog metadata to enabled centralized restore.

  • Use the Backup Exec Copy Job feature to centrally create jobs at the central administration server. The Copy Job features lets you copy jobs, policies, and selection lists to managed media servers. You can also set options, such as default job options, schedules, error-handling rules, and alert configurations. Use the Copy Job feature to configure jobs and options for managed media servers that are in a localized database configuration.

  • Use the IDR Preparation Wizard on the central administration server to create recovery media for any managed media server or central administration server.

  • Use the Settings tab to reduce the frequency of job status updates that are sent from the managed media server to the central administration server.

  • Use the Settings tab to increase the amount of time that Backup Exec waits before it changes the media server's status if the media server becomes unresponsive.

  • Enable communications between the MMS and the CAS before you delete a managed media server from a CASO configuration.

  • Contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance before you reconfigure CASO. Reconfiguration errors can require a recovery of the managed media servers, the central administration server, or the entire CASO environment.

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