Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Remote Agent for NetWare Systems


Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Remote Agent for NetWare Systems

Best practices include tips and recommendations to help you use the Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for NetWare Systems (Remote Agent) effectively. For more information about the Remote Agent, see the Backup Exec 2010 Administrator's Guide.

The following best practices can ensure smooth operations when you install the Remote Agent:

  • Use any of the following software to provide access to the NetWare server:

    • Novell Client 32 for Windows

    • Gateway Services for NetWare

    • Microsoft Client Services for NetWare

  • When you configure advertising during the installation, you can use either the media server's name or its IP address. If you encounter problems resolving the name, use the IP address.


If no Remote Agents are found in the advertising process, the NetWare Agents node under Favorite Resources does not appear in the tree pane.

  • If a server name exists in the Advrtms.dat file on the NetWare server, verify that the NetWare server can resolve the name. If the NetWare server cannot resolve the name, you must use the media server's IP address.

  • If you upgrade your version of Backup Exec, you must upgrade the version of your Remote Agent also.

The following best practices can ensure smooth operations when you use the Remote Agent:

  • Although user-defined shares can be configured to back up NetWare volumes, you should use the provided agent nodes under Favorite Resources> NetWare Agents.

  • If there is a firewall between the media server and the Remote Agent, create a user-defined share on the media server. The media server can then access the NetWare server without requiring the advertisement.

  • When you provide user credentials for connecting to a NetWare server, always use the full context of the user name. For example, instead of using admin, use .admin.context.

  • If you want the backup set to use hardware encryption, in the backup job properties select Network and Security. Set the encryption type to hardware, and then select or create a new encryption key.


    Software encryption is not supported with the Backup Exec Remote Agent for NetWare.

The following best practices are for using the Remote Agent in a cluster environment:

  • Load TSA600 or TSAFS with the /NOCLUSTER or /CLUSTER=OFF switches. Backup Exec is not Novell Cluster Servers aware, and does not recognize TSAs that advertise their services for cluster volumes.

  • If a cluster volume is migrated from the node it was on when the backup selections were made, the job fails.

    For more tips on backing up NetWare clusters, see >.

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