Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Intelligent Disaster Recovery option


Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Intelligent Disaster Recovery option

Best practices include tips and recommendations to help you use Backup Exec 2010 Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option (IDR) effectively. For more information about IDR, see the Backup Exec 2010 Administrator's Guide.

The following best practices help you use the IDR effectively:

  • Always back up the System State for computers that run Windows 2000/XP.

  • Always back up the System State and the Shadow Copy Components for computers that run Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003/2008,/2008 R2.

  • Set the alternate path for the DR file to point to a directory on a separate drive or computer.

  • Ensure that you update or create the *.DR file before you try a recovery for each backup set that you create.

  • Use IDR to perform a test recovery of a non-production computer before a disaster occurs. A test recovery lets you familiarize yourself with the IDR recovery process before it is needed.

  • Back up all drives that are connected to a computer before you try an automatic recovery of the computer. The automatic recovery process repartitions and reformats all connected drives. Without a previous backup, data loss is possible.

  • Run a manual recovery if you want to run a partial IDR recovery. A manual IDR recovery lets you manually partition the drives in the computer that you recover.

  • Do not try to eject the IDR bootable CD at any time during the IDR recovery process. If IDR prompts you for an operating system CD or other media, you should use a second CD drive or a mapped network drive.

  • Eject all tapes after the media server recovery finishes, but before you restart the computer.

  • Re-create the IDR bootable media whenever you update the host bus adapter or network interface card hardware or software. This practice ensures that you have the latest hardware or software that may be required for restore.

  • If you perform a manual recovery, make sure that you click the Run Disk Management option on the IDR Recovery Wizard to create the necessary volumes before you continue the recovery process.

The following best practices should be considered when you create bootable media:

  • When you create a bootable tape, run the IDR Preparation Wizard and create a bootable image before you run a full backup.

  • When you create a bootable CD, run a full backup before you create the CD.

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