About the Central HAL Manager (CHM)


About the Central HAL Manager (CHM)

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) provides device discovery and management services for CommandCentral. The Central HAL Manager (CHM) runs within the Management Server and manages a set of device and application explorers. These explorers run locally within the CHM, gathering data about storage network resources.

Each CHM has its own domain name. Explorers that report their data to the CHM belong to that domain.

Figure: Central HAL Manager (CHM): architecture provides an overview of the CHM components and their interactions.

Figure: Central HAL Manager (CHM): architecture

Central HAL Manager (CHM): architecture

To ensure that CommandCentral maintains accurate data about the storage network, the CHM does the following:

  • Processes all heartbeat events

  • Locates the explorer interfaces and provides a centralized process with which clients communicate to initiate a task (for example, creating a zone)

  • Monitors task progress

  • Updates the database with any changes that result from a management task

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