About the CommandCentral Storage Alert Manager


About the CommandCentral Storage Alert Manager

The Alert Manager (VxAM) is a CommandCentral Storage component that manages policies associated with objects on the storage network. A policy associates certain sets of conditions with storage resources and defines actions to be taken when these conditions are detected.

The Alert Manager is seamlessly integrated with CommandCentral Storage so that Console users can do the following:

  • View what policies are in effect on their network

  • Define and modify policies

The Alert Manager resides on the Management Server and performs the following functions:

  • Manages communication with the Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer (SICL) on Standard Agents and Control Hosts

  • Receives policy and alert updates from the CommandCentral Storage Console

  • Pushes relevant updates to their respective agents

The Alert Manager evaluates the data it receives from the Alarm Service against its policies and raises new alerts or adjusts existing alerts when policy conditions are met. The Alert Manager logs statistical data to the CommandCentral Storage database.

SICL on the Control Host and Standard Agent communicates with the Alert Manager that runs on the Management Server. These two monitoring components work together to manage alerts so that conditions are evaluated remotely and alerts are delivered into a central site for processing. This two-tier architecture provides a scalable system that can perform well even if there are hundreds of Standard Agents. SICL is configured to identify what types of conditions can be evaluated and/or what event types are filtered.

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Figure: CommandCentral Storage Alert Manager: Architecture provides an overview of the Alert Manager on the Standard Agent.

Figure: CommandCentral Storage Alert Manager: Architecture

CommandCentral Storage Alert Manager: Architecture

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