About the Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer (SICL)


About the Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer (SICL)

The Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer (SICL) is an engine used by CommandCentral Storage. It resides on the Standard Agent and performs the following functions:

  • Launches scripts or executables based on a configurable interval

  • Captures output from the scripts or executables

  • Processes script/executable output as monitoring samples

SICL is driven by a configuration file, which it uses to do the following:

  • Identify its Alert Manager server

  • Configure scripts including command line and execution interval

  • Control other SICL behavior such as logging and debugging

A SICL script gathers data using native techniques such as vendor CLI, log file scrapping, database mining, and so on.

Although SICL scripts are not limited to any one scripting language, each script is expected to supply monitoring data back to SICL by writing the following elements to a standard, well-known format:

  • Object type

  • Object identification (as object name or as an SQL statement)

  • Monitored property (collector)

  • Current property value

Figure: Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer: architecture provides an overview of the Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer.

Figure: Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer: architecture

Simple Instrumentation Collection Layer: architecture

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