Mounting the product disc on an HP-UX host


Mounting the product disc on an HP-UX host

Use the following procedure to mount the product disc on an HP-UX host.


If you use the SAM utility to mount the product disc, the utility might truncate file names and cause them to display in uppercase.

To mount the product disc on HP-UX

  1. Insert the product disc into the DVD-ROM drive.

  2. Open an operating system console and log in as root.

  3. To determine the appropriate DVD-ROM device name, type the following command:

    ioscan -fn -C disk | awk '/DV/{getline;print}'

    Note the device name. You need to specify the device name in step 5.

  4. Use the mkdir command to create a directory under which to mount the disc.

    For example: mkdir -p /CDROM

  5. Use the mount command to mount the disc. Include the DVD-ROM drive name that you obtained in step 3.

    For example: mount /dev/dsk/c3t2d0 /CDROM

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