Enabling cluster support in VxVM (Optional)


Enabling cluster support in VxVM (Optional)

See Configuring Veritas Volume Manager.

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This release includes an optional cluster feature that enables VxVM to be used in a cluster environment. The cluster functionality in VxVM allows multiple hosts to simultaneously access and manage a set of disks under VxVM control. A cluster is a set of hosts sharing a set of disks; each host is referred to as a node in the cluster.

The VxVM cluster feature requires a license, which can be obtained from your Customer Support channel.

To enable the cluster functionality in VxVM

  1. Obtain a license for the VxVM cluster feature.

  2. Install the software packages onto each system (node) to be included in the cluster.

  3. Initialize VxVM.

  4. Start VEA.

  5. Configure shared disks.

    See the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator’s Guide.

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