About CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter components


About CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter components

Enterprise Reporter consists of the following components:

  • Data sources: One or more CommandCentral Storage Management Servers.

  • Kettle: A software tool that aggregates storage network information from one or more data centers by extracting, transforming, and loading the data from CommandCentral Storage databases into the Enterprise Reporter Oracle database. Enterprise Reporter uses Kettle in the data rollup process.

  • Oracle database: A repository for storage data that derives from CommandCentral Storage. The Oracle database can be on the Enterprise Reporter Management Server host or another host.

  • Cognos: A reporting engine that lets you create customized reports based on data that is rolled up from multiple data sources. Cognos also lets you customize your own product dashboards.

    Cognos includes many options, including the following:

    • Cognos Connection: Lets you manage reports that are created in Query Studio or Report Studio

    • Query Studio: Lets you create ad hoc reports quickly

    • Report Studio: Lets you create advanced reports

  • Enterprise Reporter Console: A browser-based console that lets you do the following:

    • Access Cognos Connection.

    • Create ad hoc reports.

    • Create advanced reports.

    • Set configuration options.

    • Display reports.

The following illustration provides a high-level overview of the Enterprise Reporter architecture.

Figure: Enterprise Reporter high level architecture

Enterprise Reporter high-level architecture

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