VxVM vxio WARNING V-5-0-181 Illegal vminor encountered


This error message occurs when attempting to access a device file for a volume that has not been started and registered in kernel memory.

Device paths take the following format:

Verify volume status by performing a vxprint:
# vxprint -htq -g <diskgroup> <volume>

If the volume is labeled as DISABLED then it will need to be started.

A condition can occur in Storage Foundation 4.1, 4.1 MP1, and 5.0 where a deported disk group's device files are not removed from the /dev/vx/[r]dsk device tree and can result in some monitor programs causing this error to occur repeatedly every time they try to probe one of the volume device files.

This issue can be immediately remedied by verifying that the disk group in question is deported and then removing the device files:

# vxdg list <diskgroup>

If the disk group is not shown as imported:
# rm -rf /dev/vx/*dsk/<diskgroup>

This error occurring during boot time on systems where the root disk is encapsulated indicates that one or more of the encapsulated volumes are not starting properly and are thus unable to be mounted during file system tab processing.

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