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VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-569 Disk group group,Disk disk:Cannot auto-import group: reason


On system startup, vxconfigd failed to import the disk group associated with the named disk. A message related to the specific failure is given in reason. Additional error messages may be displayed that give more information on the specific error. In particular, this is often followed by:

VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-579 Disk group group: Errors in some configuration copies: Disk device, copy number: Block bno: error ...

The most common reason for auto-import failures is excessive numbers of disk failures, making it impossible for VxVM to find correct copies of the disk group configuration database and kernel update log. Disk groups usually have enough copies of this configuration information to make such import failures unlikely.

A more serious failure is indicated by errors such as:

Configuration records are inconsistent

Disk group has no valid configuration copies

Duplicate record in configuration

Format error in configuration copy

Invalid block number

Invalid magic number

These errors indicate that all configuration copies have become corrupt (due to disk failures, writing on the disk by an application or the administrator, or bugs in VxVM).

Some correctable errors may be indicated by other error messages that appear in conjunction with the auto-import failure message. Look up those other errors for more information on their cause.

Failure of an auto-import implies that the volumes in that disk group will not be available for use. If there are file systems on those volumes, then the system may yield further errors resulting from inability to access the volume when mounting the file system.

Recommended action:

If the error is clearly caused by excessive disk failures, then you may have to recreate the disk group configuration, and restore the contents of any volumes from a backup.

There may be other error messages that appear which provide further information. See those other error messages for more information on how to proceed. If those errors do not make it clear how to proceed, contact Veritas Technical Support.

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