WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 056: V-2-56: vx_mapbad - mount_point file system extent allocation unit state bitmap number number marked bad


If there is an I/O failure while writing a bitmap, the map is marked bad. The kernel considers the maps to be invalid, so does not do any more resource allocation from maps. This situation can cause the file system to report “out of space” or “out of inode” error messages even though df may report an adequate amount of free space.

This error may also occur due to bitmap inconsistencies. If a bitmap fails a consistency check, or blocks are freed that are already free in the bitmap, the file system has been corrupted. This may have occurred because a user or process wrote directly to the device or used fsdb to change the file system.

The VX_FULLFSCK flag is set. If the VX_FULLFSCK flag cannot be set, the file system is disabled.

Recommended action:

Check the console log for I/O errors. If the problem is a disk failure, replace the disk. If the problem is not related to an I/O failure, find out how the disk became corrupted. If no user or process was writing to the device, report the problem to your customer support organization. Unmount the file system and use fsck to run a full structural check.

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