System requirements for packages


System requirements for packages

Packages of Backup Exec System Recovery can be installed with an Easy Installer on a variety of Windows operating systems.

The specific hardware requirements for packages vary depending on the package contents. Refer to Backup Exec System Recovery product documentation for complete system requirements.

This product supports up to 1000 installations of Backup Exec System Recovery for each installation of Backup Exec System Recovery Manager. However, because network performance varies greatly among organizations, the total number of supported installations of Backup Exec System Recovery may be more or less for your network. Network performance should be monitored to ensure that installations of Backup Exec System Recovery are not extended beyond the capacity and capability of your network.

Backup Exec System Recovery Manager comes with several packages for use in Easy Installers, including the following products:

  • Backup Exec System Recovery

  • Management Control

  • Indexing Server

If you want to a create a package of LightsOut Restore, you need the Symantec Recovery Disk CD. LightsOut Restore requires 500 MB of hard disk space on the client computer. If you want to create a package of Backup Exec Granular Restore Option, you need to purchase the product.

Creating packages for an Easy Installer

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