Using the Backup Exec Debug Monitor (SGMon) for troubleshooting


The Backup Exec Debug Monitor (BEDM), also called SGMon, is a standalone diagnostic tool that automatically captures debug output from Backup Exec, Third party application, and saves it in one debug log as <server name>SGMon.log

This log file contains debug statements for the following Backup Exec Services and options:


  • Backup Exec Job Engine
  • Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows
  • Backup Exec Browser
  • Server
  • Utility
  • Device and Media
  • catalog
  • Administration console
  • Management
  • SDR Disk Wizard and Third party application.


It can help troubleshoot issues and can help Veritas Technical Support to diagnose and repair problems related to Backup Exec and Third party applications.


When opening the Debug Monitor, it automatically captures debug data from the Backup Exec services. To collect debug information while the Debug Monitor is closed,  enable debug log creation outside of the Debug Monitor and specify a directory in which to save the logs. Download BEDM.exe from the attachment section and install it on the computer.


Debug Monitor captures debug data from the selected items when it is open and running or when it is scheduled to run.
Inside Debug Monitor's Tools | Settings dialog, more specific debug settings can be configured. By default, the logs are saved to  \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\logs\
To open the Backup Exec Debug Monitor Console - SGMon:


  • For Backup Exec version 2012 and higher: Click the Backup Exec Button > Technical Support > Collect debug output


  • For Backup Exec version 12.5 - 2010 R3 : On the Tools menu, click Support Utilities > Run the Debug Monitor for active debugging.
  • For Backup Exec version 12.0 and prior : Browse to \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\ - Run SGMon.exe
Required items can be selected to be captured based on the problem.  More information about each option can be found by hitting the F1 key on the keyboard when SGMon is the active window.
Make sure to select the Capture to file option:
For additional options go to Tools - Settings
For troubleshooting GRT based Exchange jobs select the Exchange GRT Debugging option.
Note: Clear File Contents option can be used to erase the log and start a new tracking.
Note:  Debug Monitor Console must be kept running for it to continue to collect debug output.

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