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Release Date: December 2, 2013

To keep up to date of known issues related to the 7.1.4 release, refer to the following article:

Late Breaking News for Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1.4

Note: The attached zip located at the bottom of this article contains the entire catalogue.

This article provides links to the following:

Installation and Configuration

Release NotesProvides latest updated information specific to the current product releaseDownload (237 KB)
Release Updates - Fix Pack 1Provides information about the additional features and release notes updates made available in this fix pack of the Clearwell 7.1.4 release.Download (111 KB)
Installation GuideDescribes prerequisites, and how to perform a full install of the Symantec eDiscovery Platform applicationDownload (1.10 MB)
Upgrade Overview GuideProvides critical upgrade information, by version, useful prior to upgrading an appliance to the current product releaseDownload (327 KB)
Upgrade GuideDescribes prerequisites and upgrade information for the current customers with a previous version of Symantec eDiscovery Platform.Download (1.93 MB)
Utility Node GuideFor customers using utility nodes, describes how to install and configure appliances as utility nodes for use with an existing Symantec eDiscovery Platform setupDownload (806 KB)
Native Viewer Installation GuideDescribes how to install and configure the Brava Client for native document rendering and redaction for use during analysis and reviewDownload (385 KB)
Distributed Architecture Deployment GuideProvides installation and configuration information for the Review and Processing Scalability feature in a distributed architecture deploymentDownload (1.42 MB)

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Getting Started


UI Navigation Reference CardProvides an overview of the Clearwell user interface (7.x)Download (468 KB)
Administrator's QuickStart GuideDescribes basic appliance and case configurationDownload (815 KB)
Reviewer QuickStart GuideA reviewer’s reference to getting started using the Analysis & Review module in Symantec eDiscovery PlatformDownload (1.67 MB)
Tag Sets Reference CardDescribes how tag sets and filter type impact filter countsDownload (59.3 KB)

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User and Administration


Legal Hold User GuideDescribes how to set up and configure an appliance for Legal Holds, and use the Legal Hold module as an administrator in Symantec eDiscovery PlatformDownload (2.56 MB)
Identification and Collection GuideDescribes how to prepare and collect data for processing, using the Identification and Collection moduleDownload (4.16 MB)
Case Administration GuideDescribes case setup, processing, and management, plus pre-processing navigation, tips, and recommendations.Download (4.48 MB)
System Administrator GuideIncludes system backup, restore, and support features, configuration, and anti-virus scanning guidelines for use with Symantec eDiscovery PlatformDownload (1.65 MB)
Load File Import GuideDescribes how to import load file sources into Symantec eDiscovery PlatformDownload (1.14 MB)
User GuideDescribes how to perform searches, analysis, and review, including detailed information and syntax examples for performing advanced searchesDownload (3.64 MB)
Export and Production GuideDescribes how to use, produce, and troubleshoot exportsDownload (1.50 MB)
Transparent Predictive Coding User GuideDescribes how to use the Transparent Predictive Coding feature to train the system to predict results from control data and tag settingsDownload (1.50 MB)
Audio Search GuideDecribes how to set up audio search, process and search audio content, and use speech analytics to reduce and identify relevant audio media for review and exportDownload (1.22 MB)

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Reference and Support


Legal HoldLegal Hold administrator's reference of how to create and manage holdsDownload (149 KB)
CollectionA quick reference card of how to collect data in Symantec eDiscovery PlatformDownload (313 KB)
OnSite CollectionA quick reference for performing OnSite collection tasksDownload (242 KB)
Review and RedactionReviewer's reference card of all redaction functionsDownload (373 KB)
Keyboard ShortcutsA quick reference card listing all supported shortcutsDownload (254 KB)
ProductionAdministrator's reference card for production exportsDownload (279 KB)
User Rights ManagementA quick reference card for managing user accountsDownload (169 KB)
IGC AdministrationA quick reference for IGC administrationDownload (85.4 KB)
Audio Search ProcessingA quick reference card for processing multimedia sourcesDownload (98.7 KB)
Audio SearchA quick reference card for performing multimedia search tasksDownload (132 KB)

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Feature Briefings


Audio SearchThis document details the new Audio Search feature in Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1.4.Download (623 KB)
Security OutlineThis document is to provide an outline of some of the security aspects of Symantec eDiscovery Platform from the view of a security officer.Download (477 KB)

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