Enterprise Vault IMAP Access: Key Topics

Enterprise Vault IMAP Access: Key Topics

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This article provides links to essential information about Enterprise Vault IMAP access.


IMAP access configuration and best practice guides


Article title Description Download or Article
Client configuration guides Guides that describe how to set up clients for Enterprise Vault IMAP access 100040609
Setting up IMAP Describes how to configure IMAP client access to Exchange archives, and to Internet mail archives.

Version 11.0
Version 11.0.1
Version 12
Version 12.1
Version 12.2
Version 12.3

IMAP Best Practices guide Provides best practice information for setting up Enterprise Vault IMAP access Download
SQL Best Practices guide Discusses some of the SQL Server best practices from an Enterprise Vault perspective Version 11
Version 12


IMAP client-specific behavior

The following list provides links to pages describing the behavior that is specific to the different IMAP clients:

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