Veritas CommandCentral 5.2 RU4 Release Notes

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Veritas CommandCentral™ 5.2 RU4 Release Notes


1. Veritas CommandCentral™ Release Notes
Overview of CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU4
Upgrading to CommandCentral 5.2 RU4
Upgrading the Management Server
Upgrading the Control Host
What’s new in CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU4
VPLEX discovery support
EMC VMAX FAST and HDT Discovery support
IBM SVC thin support
Enhancements in powered off virtual machines discovery
Issues fixed in CommandCentral 5.2 RU4
Known issues in CommandCentral 5.2 RU4
Database backup option does not backup the database files when you upgrade to CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU4
Host reboot requirement when you upgrade to CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU4 on Windows
Erroneous exception when non-root user stops the Web Engine
LPAR discovery limitations
Mixed fabric zoning (Brocade-McData) discovery using DCFM 10.4.x and NA 11.x
Missing GUI information due to non-root agentless configuration of Solaris hosts
Device handles for multipathing LUNs identified as separate disks and capacities multiplied (1928661)
The Console lets you configure agentless discovery of the same host multiple times (2229779)
Erroneous CommandCentral Storage uninstallation failure warning (2231550)
Host Storage Assessment may be over 100% for hosts discovered by the VMware tools VI SDK (2251667)
Virtualization detail report lists incorrect server types (2255844)
An incorrect error message displays when you configure HMC in LPARExplorer (2258172)
Error message after upgrade from CC 5.2 to 5.2 RU4 on Solaris
Coexistence with SFWHA 5.1 SP2 or 6.0 versions on cluster nodes
EMCSymmetrixExplorer process stability issues(2372518)
Bulk associations between zones and zone members causes performance issues
AIX 7.1: CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU4 does not discover Driver and Product for IBM 8GB HBAs
Incorrect value for % Consumed capacity in LUNs Capacity Distribution by Tier table for VMAX FAST array (2917605)
Total LUN Capacity on the Attributes tab does not include VPLEX clusters (2924381)
VPLEX waterfall chart does not consider the administrative capacity (2930776)
Incorrect Physical Inventory Report for VPLEX array (2930754)
VPLEX array discovery sometimes fails on Windows platform (2926468)
VPLEX array listed in the Physical Disk Available Storage report (2928730)
Mismatch in physical configured capacity and total capacity of devices (2907997)
Some capacities in Virtualization SAN Arrays Summary table do not include VPLEX clusters capacity (2932925)
Zero Port Count in VPLEX array overview page (2945574)
Claimed column on Storage Capacity Summary does not display LUNs of the VPLEX clusters (2939330)
Mismatch in the subscribed capacity of thin pool and the sum of volume's subscribed capacity. (2899578)
Host masked storage not displayed for VPLEX arrays in case of hosts with distributed virtual volume (2939081)
Thin pool overhead for Hitachi and EMC Symmetrix is displayed as zero (2935323)
Thin device discovery using Symcli 7.3.1 may give incorrect report

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