Exchange mailbox archiving reports: final status and sub-status values

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Each mailbox included in an Exchange archiving run has one of the following major statuses at the end of the run:


  • No action taken
  • Completed
  • Warning
  • Partially processed


The final status for each mailbox is reported, along with a sub-status, in the Exchange mailbox archiving report. The following tables describe each of these statuses and their associated sub-statuses:



No action taken

The archiving agent has looked at this mailbox and concluded that no archiving is possible for one of a number of reasons.



The mailbox is disabled in Exchange. No archiving can be undertaken.

Windows account disabled

The user’s AD account has been disabled. No archiving can be undertaken.

Mailbox hidden

This is a hidden mailbox. No archiving can be undertaken.

Archive moved

This mailbox’s archive has been moved, but not yet reconfigured.

Provisioning group disabled

Archiving has been disabled at the provisioning group level.

Mailbox disabled

The mailbox is disabled in Enterprise Vault.

New mailbox

A new mailbox which has been provisioned but not yet enabled.


Archiving of this mailbox has been suspended in Enterprise Vault.




Archiving of this mailbox has completed successfully.


Quota achieved

Archiving of the mailbox has completed and achieved quota.

No eligible items

No items were found which were eligible for archiving.

Already in quota

The mailbox was already in Exchange quota. No further action required.

Item limit reached

Report mode runs are limited to a single pass which is restricted to a limited number of items (default 1000). Processing of this mailbox has reached this limit and stopped. Values in the report reflect only this limited number of items and actual values may be greater.




Something about this mailbox requires the attention of the Enterprise Vault administrator.


Not provisioned

This mailbox has not yet been provisioned in Enterprise Vault. No archiving is possible until it has been provisioned (see FAQ).

Over send and receive limit

The mailbox is over the Exchange send and receive quota limit. No archiving action is possible until either the limit is increased or some of the mailbox content is removed (see FAQ).

Quota not achieved

Archiving has successfully completed on this mailbox, but the combination of policy and mailbox contents mean that the Archiving process has not been able to achieve the Enterprise Vault target quota (see FAQ).

Failed to process mailbox

Some problem has prevented this mailbox from being processed.

No Exchange quota set

None of the three Exchange quota limits (send, receive, send+receive) has been set, so quota based archiving of this mailbox is not possible.

Vault store in backup mode

No messages can be saved to the Vault Store until it is no longer in backup mode. Archiving of this mailbox will be re-tried later.


StatusPartially processedProcessing of this mailbox has been started but has not completed. It remains in the queue for future processing.
Sub-statusesPass limit reachedOne or more passes of the mailbox have successfully completed, but more are required to complete processing the mailbox.
Task stoppedProcessing of the task was stopped by user intervention.
Queued for retryThere has been a problem connecting to the Exchange server.
Deferred shortcut processingNo archiving was possible because the mailbox was suspended or disabled. However there are shortcuts to process and this operation has been queued for later processing (at low priority).

 Warning statuses are highlighted in red in the report. If a run includes any mailboxes in a warning state then the corresponding end run event will also be a warning.

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