Exchange mailbox archiving reports: report types

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Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 introduces automated reports for Exchange mailbox archiving. Exchange mailbox archiving tasks automatically generate a report for every archiving run. You can view the reports from the Reporting tab of each mailbox archiving task’s Properties page. This change enables you to see an up-to-date report of every mailbox archiving run. The report helps you to spot potential problems, organize workloads, and plan changes.


Reports are produced in “Brief HTML”, “Full HTML” and CSV (Excel) formats. Here is an example of the brief HTML report:


Exchange mailbox archiving report (brief) 


All reports include the following:

Run summary: Details of what the run is, when it happened and how much it archived.
Mailbox summary: Counts of the number of mailboxes in each major state.
Mailboxes processed: A table of values for each of the mailboxes processed during the run. The three reports types differ in the number of columns of detailed information about each mailbox:
  • The Brief HTML report includes 13 values in 9 columns in addition to the mailbox display name.
  • The Full HTML report includes 40 values in 28 columns in addition to the mailbox display name.
  • The CSV report includes the same information as the full HTML report, but each of the 40 data values is in a separate column to allow easier analysis. Also all sizes are recorded in KB (rather than MB) for greater accuracy.

Scheduled runs may also include a list of mailboxes not processed at the bottom of the report. This is present only if the scheduled time window was too small to allow any processing of these mailboxes.

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