Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing 6.0.1 Release Notes - Linux

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Veritas™ Dynamic Multi-Pathing 6.0.1 Release Notes - Linux


1. Dynamic Multi-Pathing Release Notes
About this document
About Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP)
About Symantec Operations Readiness Tools
Important release information
Changes introduced in DMP 6.0.1
New versioning process for SFHA Solutions products
New directory location for the documentation on the software media
Dynamic Reconfiguration tool
Enhanced support for Fusion-io iodrive and iodrive2 on Linux
Changes in supported Linux virtualization technologies
Changes related to installation and upgrades
System requirements
Hardware compatibility list
Supported Linux operating systems
DMP: issues fixed in 6.0.1
Installation and upgrades: issues fixed in 6.0.1
Dynamic Multi-Pathing: issues fixed in 6.0.1
Known issues
Changes in enclosure attributes are not persistent after an upgrade to VxVM 6.0.1 (2082414)
DMP disables subpaths and initiates failover when an iSCSI link is failed and recovered within 5 seconds. (2100039)
DMP marks the subpaths as DISABLED while these subpaths are accessible from OS level (2037222)
DMP panics if a DDL device discovery is initiated immediately after loss of connectivity to the storage (2040929)
Upgrading the Linux kernel when the root volume is under DMP control (2080909)
Adding a DMP device or its OS device path as a foreign disk is not supported (2062230)
Turning off the DMP native support does not reset the preferred_names field in lvm.conf to the original values (2421823)
After rebooting the array controller for CX4-240-APF array, I/O errors occur on shared file systems (2616315)
Continuous trespass loop when a CLARiiON LUN is mapped to a different host than its snapshot (2761567)
In some cases with large LUN setup, the storage disappears after DMP device scan (2828328)
Enabling or installing DMP for native support may not migrate LVM volumes to DMP (2737452)
Installation known issues
Software limitations
DMP behavior on Linux SLES11 when connectivity to a path is lost (2049371)
DMP settings for NetApp storage attached environment
LVM volume group in unusable state if last path is excluded from DMP (1976620)
DMP does not support devices in the same enclosure that are configured in different modes (2643506)
Documentation set
Manual pages

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