Veritas File System 6.0.1 Programmer's Reference Guide - Linux

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Veritas™ File System 6.0.1 Programmer's Reference Guide - Linux


1. Veritas File System software developer’s kit
About the software developer’s kit
File System software developer’s kit features
API library interfaces
File Change Log
Multi-volume support
Veritas File System I/O
Software developer’s kit RPMs
Required libraries and header files
Compiling environment
Recompiling with a different compiler
2. File Change Log
About the File Change Log file
Recorded changes
Using the File Change Log file
File Change Log logging activation
File Change Log file layout
Record types
Special records
Typical record sequences
File Change Log tunables
How tunables handle File Change Log growth size
Application programming interface for File Change Log
Ease of use
Backward compatibility
API functions
File Change Log record
Copying File Change Log records
Veritas File System and File Change Log upgrade and downgrade
Reverse path name lookup
3. Multi-volume support
About multi-volume support
Uses for multi-volume support
Volume application programming interfaces
Administering volume sets
Querying the volume set for a file system
Modifying a volume within a file system
Encapsulationg and de-encapsulating a volume
Allocation policy application programming interfaces
Directing file allocations
Creating and assigning policies
Querying the defined policies
Enforcing a policy
Data structures
Using policies and application programming interfaces
Defining and assigning allocation policies
Using volume application programming interfaces
4. Named data streams
About named data streams
Uses for named data streams
Named data streams application programming interface
Listing named data streams
Namespace for named data streams
Behavior changes in other system calls
Querying named data streams
Application programming interface
Command reference
5. Veritas File System I/O
About Veritas File System I/O
Freeze and thaw
Caching advisories
Direct I/O
Concurrent I/O
Unbuffered I/O
Other advisories
Extent attributes
Reservation: preallocating space to a file
Fixed extent size
Application programming interface for extent attributes
Allocation flags
Allocation flags with fixed extent size
How to use extent attribute APIs
Setting fixed extent size
6. Thin Reclamation
About Thin Storage
About Thin Reclamation
Thin Reclamation application programming interface
vxfs_ts_reclaim return values

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