Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 Release Notes

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Veritas™ Operations Manager 5.0 Release Notes


1. Overview of this release
About Veritas Operations Manager
About Management Server
About the managed host
About standalone (unmanaged) host
What's new in Veritas Operations Manager 5.0?
Support for Veritas Operations Manager Advanced features on Management Server
Ability to compress files on managed hosts
Support for reclaiming thin storage
Ability to configure performance metering
Enhanced performance charts with linear trend data
Ability to define Recovery Plan
Support for importing type definitions for clusters
Improved discovery and visualization of all applications
Support for configuring a vCenter server on a non-default port
Selective discovery of VMware ESX servers and IBM LPAR servers
Support for multi-pathing discovery in VMware environment
Support for discovering Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology and storage correlation discovery for LDom and LPAR
Symantec Performance Value Unit information for IBM LPAR and kernel-based virtual machines (KVM)
Automatic assignment of price tiers
Support for additional discovery in Storage Insight Add-on
Veritas Operations Manager Storage Insight SDK Add-on
Support for listing the configured enclosure using the command-line interface
Support for service management using the command-line interface
Support for new operations in Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Storage Foundation Administration 5.0
Improved monitoring of Veritas Volume Replicator replications
Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 discovery
Support for specifying path for temporary work area while upgrading Management Server
Add-on user's guides combined into a single guide
Issues fixed in the Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 release
2. System requirements
Operating system requirements
Third-party required libraries
32-bit SNIA Common HBA API required on Windows hosts
System resource requirements
About the frequency of managed host information discovery
About space estimation for data logs
Supported hardware
Web browser requirements
Network and firewall requirements
About the consumption of the managed host components
3. Software limitations
Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 managed host not supported on AIX in Network Installation Manager
No coexistence of managed host and CommandCentral Storage Management Server
Live statistics for initiators are not supported on HP-UX (2001078)
No support for creating large file systems on HP-UX managed hosts using the prebundled Add-on for Storage Foundation Administration (2858041)
Performance charts are not supported in certain cases for multiple objects that belong to different hosts (2023666)
Performance graphs cannot be viewed for Windows managed hosts
Volume layout not discovered for LDM-managed volumes mounted without a drive letter
Backup and restore limitations in Veritas Operations Manager 5.0
Veritas Operations Manager does not support the discovery of LDoms and Zones together on the same host (2281088)
Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Storage Foundation Administration 5.0 limitations
Deployment-related limitations
Windows Management Server high availability configuration limitations
Solaris Zones virtualization support limitations
Discovery limitations for virtualization support
Log on to console fails on Internet Explorer if Management Server host name has the underscore (_) character
VCS configuration check reports violations only if at least one node in the cluster is running Veritas Cluster Server (2117417)
Limitations related to the correlation between the disks and the disk groups
No support to online and offline multiple virtual machines using the Virtual Business Service start and stop operations (2177421)
Virtual Business Service start operation does not validate the service group's resource criticality (2169223)
Discovery of VMware VirtualCenter server or ESX server is not case–sensitive (2567318)
Core density may not get calculated properly on HP-UX11iv2 hosts
Tier information is not displayed for some devices in a FAST managed storage group (2795204)
IBM System Storage DS enclosure discovery is not supported through HiCommand Server 7 in Veritas Operations Manager (2708346)
Correlation between NAS file system and Storage Pools is not displayed for EMC VNX storage enclosures (2804423)
CIFS shares from NetApp and Celerra arrays that are mapped to a Windows host are not discovered (2752493)
Performance charts may not be displayed for EMC Symmetrix array ports and adapters
Inconsistency in storage calculation is observed for unclaimed VPLEX extents (2844028)
4. Known issues
Management Server issues
Delayed discovery of VMware VirtualCenter server by Control Hosts in Veritas Operations Manager (2342314)
Log on to the Veritas Operations Manager console may fail on Firefox (1939352)
Authentication broker crashes while performing LDAP authentication (2017319)
XPRTLD daemon fails when Veritas Operations Manager starts because of the corrupt AT pem files in the VRTSsfmh package (2145925)
Status of all SF Manager 2.x hosts is shown as healthy on an upgraded Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 setup (2009372)
Uninstalling Management Server removes the managed host package from a Storage Foundation for Windows host
Upgrade of Management Server in High Availability environment fails with database upgrade errors (2853154)
Veritas Operations Manager displays stale application status (2564572)
Mountpoint may appear as garbled characters, if encoding is not supported (2377238)
Manual refresh of HMC server and VMware VirtualCenter server required after migration of virtual machines (2605533)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to VCS service group correlation is not present in the first discovery cycle of Veritas Operations Manager (2604162)
Coexistence of ApplicationHA Console and Veritas Operations Manager Management Server in the ApplicationHA Console upgrade scenario (2581661)
Performance metering of a VMware ESX server may not work properly after failover (2814844)
Management Server cannot be configured on a Windows host with Russian locale (2676438)
Managed host issues
Issue related to upgrading the managed hosts (from 3.x to 5.0) that have LUNs from IBM XIV storage array (2367519)
Quick I/O cache value is not enabled after performing the storage provisioning operation on AIX managed hosts (2131183)
Cannot replace or recover a disk removed from a UNIX host (2317671)
After the replace disk operation, the faulted disk status remains as replaceable (2353612)
Thin LUNs on the hosts that run Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1 SP1 are not discovered as thin (2513466)
CPU count incorrect for managed hosts on Windows Server 2003 (2437565)
Remote switch operation fails between secure clusters (2530605 )
Adding an agentless host to a Linux-based control host fails
Add host operation fails for HP-UX managed hosts (2601265)
Some performance charts are not available for VMware ESX server version 4.1 managed through vCenter server 5.0 (2800239)
Cannot add a managed host to Management Server using the IPv6 address of the host (2816487)
Cannot add a Windows 2008 64-bit host that has both IPv4 and IPv6 networks enabled to Management Server (2712982)
Incorrect statistics returned by DMP if Storage Foundation version is prior to 5.0 MP3 (2796418)
Incorrect name displayed for one performance graph for enclosures (2854125)
Issues in the Add Host(s) wizard while adding agentless hosts to Management Server domain (2856380)
Agentless discovery issues
Agentless configuration of hosts using IPv6 addresses fails (2414252)
Agentless configuration of Windows hosts running non-English locale fails (2484139)
Configuration fails for agentless host with user name containing DBCS characters (2427619)
fstab information displayed incorrectly for file systems on Linux agentless host (2418023)
Agentless discovery fails if a host has volume names, mount point names, or disk label names that contain equals(=) sign(2590669)
Volume group and logical volume information can be inconsistent, if Volume group is created on shared disks (2567056)
Failed EMC PowerPath paths are not displayed for agentless Windows 2008 hosts (2611064)
Storage Provisioning Add-on issues
A volume is migrated to any available enclosure if no target array is specified (2143010)
Storage Insight Add-on issues
The vxlist utility does not display the information on the physical disks for the LUNs (2219286)
Cannot configure an EMC CLARiiON enclosure on a Windows control host using a security file (2221574)
NetApp enclosures are not discovered after the Storage Insight Add-on is upgraded to version 5.0
Reports generated by pre-existing schedules display erroneous data after installing or upgrading to Storage Insight Add-on 5.0 (2823297)
Performance metering of enclosures may not work properly after failover (2814844)
Information on FAST managed storage groups for EMC Symmetrix VMAX enclosures is not discovered periodically (2842124)
Array group information is incorrect in Enclosure Storage Summary chart for Hitachi arrays (2820150)
Password file option does not work while configuring HP EVA enclosures on Windows hosts (2757601)
EMC Celerra enclosure details are not discovered for users with read-only access rights, and Imported Administrator or Operator role
Network File System on Solaris cannot be discovered if the Fully Qualified Host Name is used in vfstab file but not used for mounting the file system (2747735)
VBS Availability Add-on issues
Veritas Operations Manager does not validate if the cluster node is managed by the Management Server during the VBS start operation (2566050)
Disabling fault management for Virtual Business Services does not display the dependency as Soft in the console (2725638)
Scripting Add-on issues
Post Management Server upgrade, the Scripting Add-on uses the current time of the Management Server to run the previous scripts
Scripting Add-on runs the Perl scripts successfully only when the Perl executable installed with Veritas Operations Manager is used (2589815)
Storage Insight SDK Add-on issues
Edit and Test operations on Storage Insight Plug-in are not supported using Internet Explorer on 64-bit Windows hosts (2826079)
LDom Capacity Management Add-on issues
Capacity planning cannot be enabled or disabled from the Organization Entities view (2827450)
Other issues
Duplicate entries for the disks that are part of a virtual machine (2481982)
Composite business entities do not inherit all user configurations done for the child business entities (2349751)
Symantec ApplicationHA Console single sign-on breaks after Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 managed host installation or upgrade on ApplicationHA hosts
A. Documentation addenda and errata
Addenda and errata for Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 online help
About multi-pathing discovery in the VMware environment
About the virtualization technologies supported by Veritas Operations Manager
About Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization discovery in Veritas Operations Manager
Virtual machine discovery in Microsoft Hyper-V
Storage mapping discovery in Microsoft Hyper-V
Navigation changes to the virtualization management option on Veritas Operations Manager console
Viewing information on the storage assigned to virtual machines from a virtualization server
Viewing the overview of enclosure information
Viewing an enclosure’s array port paths
Viewing an enclosure's array port disks
Viewing an enclosure's array port volumes
Viewing an enclosure's array port databases
About Veritas Operations Manager performance graphs
Pre-requisite commands to view performance graphs for a resource
Errata for Veritas Operations Manager Storage Insight Add-on for Deep Array Discovery and Mapping 5.0 online help
Configuring deep discovery for EMC Symmetrix storage enclosures
Configuring deep discovery for EMC VPLEX storage enclosures
Viewing all virtual volumes for the EMC VPLEX enclosure
Viewing the virtual volumes of a device for the EMC VPLEX enclosure
Viewing the overview of the EMC VLPEX enclosure
Viewing the device configurations for storage enclosures
Viewing the tier configuration
Viewing the overview of a NetApp enclosure
Viewing the LUNs on a NetApp enclosure
Viewing all the virtual disks on an HP EVA enclosure
Viewing the disks associated with a virtual disk on an HP EVA enclosure
Viewing the physical disks of a virtual disk on an HP EVA enclosure
Viewing the performance graphs for an array port
Addenda and errata for Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Storage Foundation Administration 5.0 online help
Volume attributes panel options
Create a new file system panel options
Creating volumes
Errata for Veritas Operations Manager Storage Insight SDK Add-on 5.0 online help
About Veritas Operations Manager Storage Insight SDK Add-on 5.0
Operational workflow to create Storage Insight Plug-in
About installing Storage Insight SDK Add-on 5.0
About discovering array information using Storage Insight SDK Add-on
Creating a Storage Insight plug-in
B. Getting help
Veritas Operations Manager on the Web
Getting help
Using the product documentation

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