Enterprise Vault Feature Briefings


The following feature briefings provide overviews of some of the new features and updates in Enterprise Vault:

Feature briefingArticle
Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator AnalyticsDownload
(395 KB)
Enterprise Vault 10: Data Classification ServicesDOC5629
Enterprise Vault 10: Discovery Accelerator 10DOC5630
Enterprise Vault 10: File System Archiving (FSA) filter pointsDOC5631
Enterprise Vault 10: Indexing UpdateDOC5632
Enterprise Vault 10: Server Settings Migration WizardDOC5634
Enterprise Vault 10: Social Content ArchivingDOC5635
Enterprise Vault 10.0.1: Unified Outlook clientDOC5636
Enterprise Vault 10.0.2: Product Improvement featureDOC6010
Enterprise Vault 10.0.2: Exchange Archiving ReportDOC6011
Enterprise Vault 10.0.2: SharePoint Archiving EnhancementsDOC6013
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Event FilteringDOC6303
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Exchange Server 2013 OWA supportDOC6304
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Exchange Server 2013 supportDOC6305
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: FSA support with restricted permissionsDOC6306
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: FSA support for Windows Server 2012DOC6307
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: SCOM-based monitoringDOC6308
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: SharePoint 2013 supportDOC6309
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Vault Cache Client DiagnosticsDOC6310
Enterprise Vault 10.0.4: PST Migration Enhancements DOC6622
Enterprise Vault 10.0.4: Disclaimer Exclusions DOC6623
Enterprise Vault 10.0.4: ExtensionsDOC6748


The following document describes support for the Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS-140.2 in Enterprise Vault 10:

Enterprise Vault and FIPS-140.2                                            DOC4820


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