Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle® RAC Release Notes

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Veritas Storage Foundation™ for Oracle® RAC Release Notes


1. Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Release Notes
About this document
Component product release notes
About Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
Benefits of SF Oracle RAC
About Symantec Operations Readiness Tools
Important release information
Changes introduced in 6.0
Changes in SF Oracle RAC
The installer can now detect duplicate VCS cluster IDs and can automatically generate cluster IDs
The installer can check product versions and hotfixes
Using the installer's postcheck option
Rolling upgrade improvements
Allow Response files to change tuning parameters
Changes related to SFDB tools
Packaging updates
Changes to SF Oracle RAC clusters in secure mode
Changes to LLT
Changes to GAB
Changes to I/O fencing
Availability of shared disk group configuration copies
Enhancements to CVM detach policies
Enhancements to master node selection for failover
Node join with DGDISABLED disk groups
Support for product upgrades using the Network Installation Manager Alternate Disk Migration utility on AIX
Licensing changes in the SFHA Solutions 6.0 release
Enhancements to collecting a VxExplorer troubleshooting archive
Changes related to product documentation
No longer supported
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools features which are no longer supported
System requirements
Important preinstallation information
Hardware requirements
Supported AIX operating systems
AIX 7.1 support for virtual processors
Supported database software
Supported replication technologies for global clusters
Known issues
Oracle RAC issues
SF Oracle RAC issues
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools known issues
Software limitations
Oracle Clusterware/Grid Infrastructure installation fails if the cluster name exceeds 14 characters
Parallel execution of vxsfadm is not supported (2515442)
Stale SCSI-3 PR keys remain on disk after stopping the cluster and deporting the disk group
Creating point-in-time copies during database structural changes is not supported (2496178)
Web installation program does not support phased upgrade and native operating system upgrade mechanisms
Policy-managed databases not supported by CRSResource agent
Health checks may fail on clusters that have more than 10 nodes
Cached ODM not supported in SF Oracle RAC environments
Limitation on upgrading to 6.0 on a Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability cluster
DMP settings for NetApp storage attached environment
Limitations related to I/O fencing
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools software limitations
Documentation set
Manual pages

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