Enterprise Vault Data Classification Services - Implementation Guides

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Note the following:

  • Data Classification Services automates the classification of Microsoft Exchange email content. In contrast, the Classification feature in Enterprise Vault 12 and later lets you classify any content. For more information on Enterprise Vault 12 Classification, see http://www.veritas.com/docs/000100828.
  • Enterprise Vault 12.2 introduces the option to configure retention categories that have a fixed expiry date rather than a retention period. Data Classification Services does not support these retention categories. Therefore, when you define the list of available retention categories in Data Classification Services, you must omit those that have fixed expiry dates.

Data Classification Services uses various components of Enterprise Vault and Symantec Data Loss Prevention to analyze Microsoft Exchange email content and help to determine the archiving and retention strategy for all messages.

Email content and metadata are automatically classified and assigned the appropriate archiving and retention policy. When users of applications like Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator conduct searches and reviews, they can filter messages according to the classification tags that Data Classification Services has applied to those messages.

The Implementation Guide provides instructions on how to do the following:

  • Download, install, and configure the various components.
  • Create classification policies to evaluate the content and metadata of each Exchange message.
  • Choose between a host of ready-made classification policies and policy templates.

The following table provides downloads to the appropriate Data Classification Services Implementation Guide for the supported combinations of Enterprise Vault and Data Loss Prevention:

Enterprise VaultData Loss PreventionData Classification Services
Implementation Guide
11.0 and later14.0 and laterDownload (1.9 MB)
11.0 and later12.5.nDownload (2.1 MB)
11.0 and later12.0.nDownload (2.1 MB)
10.0.3 and later12.0.nDownload (2.1 MB)
10.0.1 and later11.6.nDownload (2 MB)
10.0.1 and later11.5Download (2 MB)
10.0 Original Release11.1.1Download (2 MB)


The Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts provide more information on supported combinations of Enterprise Vault and Data Loss Prevention.

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