Veritas Storage Foundation Application Note: Deploying Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) Tools with Oracle Enterprise Manager


 About Symantec plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Symantec plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) enable you to view Storage Foundation and VCS objects through the OEM interface. The plug-ins extend OEM Grid Control to add support for managing Symantec’s storage stack and RAC extensions.
The Storage Foundation Plug-in enables you to view the following through the OEM interface:
  • VxFS properties
  • VxVM volume information
  • LUN information for database objects such as tablespace, redo logs, controlfile, datafile

The Veritas Cluster Server Plug-in enables you to do the following through the OEM interface:

  • Monitor Veritas Cluster Server
  • Raise alerts and violations based on resource state

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