Veritas Virtual Infrastructure 1.0 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

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About this release
About Veritas Virtual Infrastructure
Key features in Veritas Virtual Infrastructure
Virtual machine operating system requirements
Microsoft Windows
Network and firewall requirements
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Host requirements
Web browser requirements
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure software limitations
Manual recovery after slave node failure
Maximum number of virtual devices per virtual machine
Volume Shadow Copy Services snapshots on GUID Partition Table disks not supported
Support for NTFS only file system from GUI
Compress files and folders option not supported
Virtual disk with more than one partition not supported
Virtual disk with size greater than 2 terabytes not supported
Transportable snapshots not supported
Sanboot not supported
Language limitations
Numpad keys not supported from virtual machine console (1544183)
VxVI Storage limitations
Import Storage Repository operation does not present any object for failed disk group on the node (1281341)
Citrix XenServer known issues
Motherboard with Intel 965 chipset may fail to boot successfully (CA-8767)
Slow response to installation prompts may affect performance of other virtual machines on the system (CA-4065)
Ata_piix driver problem may cause drive detection to fail (CA-4575, CA-5311)
VxVI installation known issues
Installer and Dom-0 Veritas Virtual Infrastructure versions do not match (1411902)
Installation of virtual machines on Windows known issues
General Windows known issues
Windows 2003 server known issues
VxVI Management Server Console known issues
When logging in to VxVI Management Server using Firefox 3, security warnings display differently than on Firefox 2 or IE (1389078)
After creating a virtual machine using a golden template with PV drivers, and before powering on the virtual machine, attempting to add a virtual disk fails (1377542)
Adding a server to a pool fails when the nodes are set to different times (1385007)
Frequently refreshing the virtual machine console or the physical server console on IE causes IE to hang (1374481)
Refreshing a virtual machine while viewing the Snapshot tab changes the view to the Subcomponents tab (1389225)
Need to re-install host after removing from server pool (1410848)
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Graphical User Interface times out with error message (1400711)
"Automatically select the most optimal server" option does not function as expected (1397672)
Physical disk is not displayed on virtual machine Storage tab and Virtual Disk Image overview page (1398387)
Incorrect screen displays for Snapshot Storage link in the Virtual Disk Task (1413254)
Incorrect output message displays on wizard, when adding cloned virtual disk to a running virtual machine (1413255)
"Create file system - Success" message is displayed even when the create file system option is not selected using the Add Virtual Disk operation (1413271)
Creating a new virtual machine from a template fails with VxVM vxmake error message (1482033)
VxVI Management Server shows virtual machine in "running" state after Dom-0 reboot (1500786)
VxVI Storage known issues
Resizing a virtual disk on a virtual machine that is suspended causes VxVI to hang, and subsequent operations hang due to master-level locking (1381505)
Newly added virtual disk image to existing storage repository not displayed in output
Import Storage Repository operation does not present any object for failed disk group on the node (1281341)
Adding a virtual disk image fails on created storage repository (1406049)
VxVI Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot known issues
Stale handle for the VSS Hardware Provider Service must be refreshed (1289744)
Virtual machine console time not synchronized with the VxVI Server and Dom-0 (1289761)
vxsnap.exe fails to create snapshots (1394435)
Simultaneous scheduled snapshots may timeout (1391010)
Snapshot operations fail if live migration is performed on a virtual machine (1402679)
VSS virtual machine device limit (1365333)
Snapshots fail on NFS storage repository(1403057)
Scheduled snapshot times out because FillInLunInfo takes more than five minutes to complete (1411670)
Virtual machine known issues
Cannot start virtual machine on a different node if CD was present during shut down or export (1284239)
After uninstalling PV drivers on a virtual machine, the maximum number of physical disks supported is four (1381500)
Virtual machine console known issues
Virtual machine console requires a UI refresh after a virtual machine reboot (1294408)
VxVI error codes and messages
VxVI UMI code V-338-1-1001 displays for Citrix XenServer module errors (1369374)
Installation fixed issues
xprtld process hangs (1515638)
Virtual machine fixed issues
TAB key may cause the virtual machine console to switch out (1370659)
Upgrading from Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Version 1.0 to Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Version 1.0 Service Pack 1
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Virtual Machine Deployment Guide errata
Setting up a virtual machine for PXE boot
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure Online Help errata
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure technology preview features
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure documentation
Release notes updates
Displaying online help

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