Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Release Notes 5.0 MP3 - Solaris

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About Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
About SF Oracle RAC Release Notes
Changes in SF Oracle RAC 5.0 MP3
Support for Oracle RAC 11g Release 1
Support for MultiPrivNIC
Support for hardware-based replication
Support for Database Dynamic Storage Tiering
Support for Veritas Cluster Server Fire Drill
Support for secure communication in global clusters
Support for Automated Storage Management (ASM)
Support for campus clusters using VxVM remote mirror configuration
Supported Oracle versions on Storage Foundation database components
I/O fencing supports iSCSI devices
Changes to I/O fencing commands
Support to replace coordinator disks in a running cluster
Changes in SF Oracle RAC 5.0 MP1
Features introduced in SF Oracle RAC 5.0
Installation requirements
Hardware requirements
Supported software
No longer supported
Fixed issues
Issues fixed in SF Oracle RAC 5.0 MP3
Issues fixed in SF Oracle RAC 5.0 MP1
Issues fixed in SF Oracle RAC 5.0
Known issues
Oracle issues
SF Oracle RAC issues
Storage Foundation issues
Software limitations
Limited global clustering capabilities in Veritas Cluster Server Management Console
Non-global zones not supported
Cluster File System (CFS) limitations
Volume Manager does not support RAID 5 in a cluster environment
Performance recommendation for space-optimized volume snapshots
Unsupported scenarios regarding volume location for SRVM, ocrvol, and votevol
Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) limitation
Storage Checkpoint and Database FlashSnap limitation
LLT low priority heartbeat links not recommended

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