Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions for Windows 5.0 RP2 Release Notes

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Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions for Windows 5.0 RP2 Release Notes

Table of Contents:
Changes introduced in the RP2 release
Updated MountV agent
VCW support to configure LLT over UDP
Wizard support to upgrade Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2007 SP1
Updated VCS Management Packs for MOM 2005
VEA support for a configurable port range for PBX
Changes introduced in the RP1a release
New version of VCS Management Console
Enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Client support on Windows Vista
Compatibility between SFW 5.0, SFW 5.0 RP1a, and Storage Foundation Manager
VCS Management Pack changes for MOM 2005
PrintShare agent changes
System requirements
Supported hardware
Supported software
Installation notes
Download locations
Notes for Japanese locales
Preparing to install the rollup patch
Removing the Japanese language pack
Installing the rollup patch using the GUI
Installing the rollup patch silently
Installing support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Post installation tasks
Repairing the installation
Removing the rollup patch
Preparing the SFW HA cluster
Removing the rollup patch using the GUI
Removing the rollup patch silently
Tasks after removing the rollup patch
Fixed issues
Fixed issues in RP2
Fixed issues in RP1a
Known issues
Error occurs during login on a system that had SFW 5.0 RP1a previously uninstalled (1214088)
Vxob service may terminate abnormally during upgrade to SFW 5.0 RP1a (1176351)
Vxsnap restore operation fails with "Pre-Restore failed by Writer" error (1512728)
Upgrading from SFW 5.0 RP2 to SFW 5.1 results in a corrupt plugin component message when selecting a diskgroup. (1533682)
VVRDCOMBridge fails to start after upgrading to SFW HA 5.0 RP1a (1175646)
Error while performing Exchange post-installation steps (1200931)
Issue with the rollup patch installer (1205171)
Exchange service group does not fail over after installing ScanMail 8.0 (1071168)
Print Share service group fails to come online after removing the rollup patch
Print Share Configuration Wizard fails to recognize Print Share service groups after removing the rollup patch
Switching the SQL service group in DR environment with SEP11.0MR1 installed, causes systems to hang (1203009)
DR, QR, and FD wizards do not support Exchange 2007
Data on regrep drive gets corrupted (1202282)
VCS Management Console Single Cluster Mode and the VCS Management Server 5.1 cannot co-exist on the same Windows system (1113954)
VCWSilent does not support LLT over UDP configuration
VCW does not support converting LLT over ethernet to LLT over UDP and vice versa
VCW does not support configuring broadcasting for UDP
Network adapters teamed using the HP Network Configuration Utility not tested on Windows IA64 systems
VCW incorrectly allows configuration of DHCP enabled network adapters for private network communication
VCW incorrectly resets the UDP port while editing the cluster configuration
VCW incorrectly configures LLT over network adapters that may be disconnected from the network
Teamed NIC configurations may break VCS LLT communication or cause NIC resource to go into an UNKNOWN state (1522757)
Exchange 2007 database LUNs cannot be mounted after installing Exchange 2007 on a failover cluster node (1515156)
VCS High Availability Engine (HAD) may either restart or crash when two service groups are simultaneously failed over to the same node (1526876)
The installer fails to install RP1a after RP2 is uninstalled (1529871)
The VCS Cluster Configuration Wizard (VCW) may crash while reconfiguring a cluster (1512683)
Exchange 2007 Setup Wizard may fail during the move database operation (1531711)
Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) may fail to respond or may freeze (1533885)
Unable to select RVG in an MSCS RVG resource while creating cluster resource (1483572; escalation incident: 1202082)
SQL instance running on 64-bit machine is not discovered by MOM 2005 server
Version conflict error while importing the VCS 5.1 SQL management pack for MOM 2005
Symantec Endpoint Protection security policy may block the VCS Cluster Configuration Wizard
VCS cluster configuration fails if Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 MR3 version is installed
The Disaster Recovery Configuration Wizard may fail to perform the required disaster recovery configuration tasks (1536352)
Documentation Errata
Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions Installation and Upgrade Guide
Documentation feedback
Getting help


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