Veritas Cluster Server Release Notes 5.0 MP4

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Table of Contents:
About Veritas Cluster Server
About VCS agents
Changes introduced in this release
Support for additional Linux distributions
Changes to VCS agent for Oracle
Enhancements to Samba agents
Changes to bundled agents
Changes to DB2 agent
Changes to Sybase agent
Changes introduced in VCS 5.0 MP3
Support for additional Linux distributions
Support for VLAN interfaces
Changes to Cluster Management Console 5.0
VCS Management Console 5.1
Changes to VCS agent for Oracle
VCS agent for DB2 supports DB2 9.5
Change in attributes
New attributes
Support for intentional offline
VCS process to monitor utilization of CPU and Swap
Support for VxFS file system lock
Changes to bundled agents
Enhancements to VCS campus clusters
Support for secure communication in global clusters
LLT supports NIC bonding
I/O fencing supports iSCSI devices
Changes to I/O fencing commands
Support to replace coordinator disks in a running cluster
Enhanced encryption mechanism for agent passwords
Support for Security-Enhanced Linux on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5
Support to add a node to a cluster running in secure mode
Multi-tiered application support using the RemoteGroup agent for global groups
VCS documentation is available on the software disc
Changes introduced in VCS 5.0 MP2
Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux
Changes introduced in VCS 5.0 MP1
Change in string size for some attribute values
Support dropped for SANVolume agent
VCS FEN messages are now VxFEN messages
Campus cluster support
Change in behavior: hastop command
Change in behavior: BrokerIP attribute of the RemoteGroup agent
Fire drill support in Veritas Cluster Management Console
Features introduced in VCS 5.0
Cluster Management Console
VCS privileges for operating system user groups
Five levels of service group dependencies
New RemoteGroup agent to monitor service groups in remote clusters
Enhancements to the hastop command
Simulator supports deleting simulated clusters
I/O fencing updates: DMP support
Minimal downtime upgrade to VCS 5.0
Backup of VCS configuration files
Support for security services
Separate logger thread for HAD
Enhanced NFS lock failover
Support for VLAN interfaces
Virtual fire drill
New term: Daemon Down Node Alive (DDNA)
Change in behavior: Use comma or semicolon as delimiter
Change in behavior: New format for engine version
Change in behavior for the resfault trigger
Change in behavior: New location for enterprise agents
Change in behavior: New location of message catalogs and attribute pools
Change in behavior: New option for the hastart and had commands
Changes to bundled agents
Changes to licensing for VCS
New attributes
Removed attributes
Updates to the DB2 agent
Updates to the Oracle agent
Updates to the Sybase agent
VCS system requirements
Veritas Installation Assessment Service
Supported hardware
Supported operating systems
Supported software
Supported VCS agents
No longer supported
About upgrading to 5.0 MP4
VCS supported upgrade paths
Operating system fresh installs and upgrades for VCS 5.0 MP4
Before upgrading from 4.x using the script-based installer
Upgrading VCS using the script-based installer
About phased upgrade
Prerequisites for a phased upgrade
Planning for a phased upgrade
Phased upgrade limitations
Phased upgrade example
Phased upgrade example overview
Performing a phased upgrade from VCS 5.0 MP3
Fixed issues
Issues fixed in VCS 5.0 MP4
Issues fixed in VCS 5.0 MP3
Issues fixed in VCS 5.0 MP1
Issues fixed in VCS 5.0
Known issues
Operational issues for VCS
Issues related to the installer
Issues related to the VCS engine
Issues related to the VCS bundled agents
Issues related to the I/O fencing for VCS
Issues related to global service groups
Issues related to the VCS Agent for DB2
Issues related to the VCS Agent for Oracle
Issues related to the Cluster Manager (Java Console)
Issues related to the VCS Management Console
Issues related to VCS Simulator
Issues related to VCS in Japanese locales
Other known issues
Software limitations
DB2 RestartLimit value
Cluster address for global cluster requires resolved virtual IP
Limitation when you use the installer from a remote system
Systems in a cluster must have same system locale setting
VCS deletes user-defined VCS objects that use the HostMonitor object names
No support for NIC names larger than 8 characters
GAB panics the systems while VCS gets diagnostic data
Using agents in NIS
Fire drill does not support volume sets
Limitations with DiskGroupSnap agent
VxVM site for the diskgroup remains detached after node reboot in campus clusters with fire drill
Manually removing VRTSat package erases user credentials
Using the KDE desktop
NFS locking
System reboot after panic
Security-Enhanced Linux is not supported on RHEL 4, SLES 9, SLES 10, and SLES 11
Bundled agent limitations
Cluster Management Console limitations
Cluster Manager (Java console) limitations
Undocumented commands, command options, and libraries
Documentation errata
Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide
Veritas Cluster Server User's Guide
Veritas Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide
Manual pages errata
VCS documentation
VCS documentation set
VCS manual pages
Documentation feedback

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