Veritas Cluster Server One 5.0 Release Notes

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What's included
Changes in this release
Disaster recovery
Replication agents
Support for additional client operating systems
Usability enhancements
Simulator enhancements
Deprecated command
Support for VMware ESX server virtualization technology
Support for Windows clients
Solaris projects
New agent attributes
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) support
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL 4) support
About VCS One agents
System requirements
Supported hardware
Supported platforms and software for the Policy Master
Supported platforms
Supported versions of Storage Foundation
Required patches
Supported platforms and software for the client
Supported platforms
Supported versions of Storage Foundation
Required patches
Supported High Availability Agent Pack
Supported platforms for the Simulator
Supported web browsers and Flash versions
Software limitations
Backup and restore of VxAT Private Domain Repositories
Stack size for VCS One agents
Mount resources can cause core dumps
With security-enhanced Linux, hadb commands may fail
IntentionalOffline for the Oracle and Netlsnr agents is not supported
Setting the PATH variable to use the command line interface
The NIS ypstop command removes the NFS entries from the /etc/ mnttab files inside of Solaris non-global zones
You cannot run the VCS One installer using c shell (csh)
Oracle agent health check may not work (Oracle 11g)
Oracle agent health check may not work (Oracle 10g)
VCS One may reject commands when too many are issued simultaneously
Users can log in to the VCS One console without a password when using LDAP server
The VCS One console displays a Security Information dialog box when you click a link
With Internet Explorer 7, the VCS One console may not refresh
With Internet Explorer 8, you may get certificate errors when you click on a drop-down list in VCS One
If a network error occurs while the database server is attempting to perform an I/O operation, the engine will dump core
You may only change the case of an editable attribute by editing its XML file
If a very large number of VCS One clients attempt to connect to the Policy Master at the same time, a TCP/IP socket connection error can occur
Authenticating a user who does not have a home directory on the system
Logging in to the VCS One Simulator on Windows in secure mode is not supported
Jobs can be executed out of order for related events
Do not specify any command with resource variables when configuring the HACOMMAND task action in a job
The Policy Master assumes a host is faulted and fails over the service group to another system
The MonitorOption attribute is not supported in Oracle9i
VCS One may be unable to fail over the Policy Master if NFS-mounted file systems exist in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Mount agent support on AIX workload partitions
Configuring shared AT for a VCS Management Console hosted on the same server as the VCS One Policy Master
Fixed issues
Known issues
Enterprise agents
Finding product documentation
About the guides
Online manual pages
A note about online help

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