Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 SP1 Release Notes


Table of Contents:
New features and changes
New application version support
Client support
Oracle 11g Release 1 support
New Enterprise Vault Option
VCS Application Manager (VAM) utility
Wizard for configuring MSMQ service group
VCS HAD Helper Service user account privileges modified
VCS SQL Server 2008 management pack for SCOM 2007
Process agent changes
Enhancements in FileShare and CompositeFileShare agents
PrintShare agent changes
Support for qtree in NetAppSnapDrive
Enhancements to NetAppSnapMirror agent
VCS Exchange Server Setup Wizard changes
Support for provisioned Exchange Server 2007 installations
Microsoft VHD support
Access Based Enumeration support for FileShare and CompositeFileShare
Synchronous and Semi-synchronous replication support in NetAppSnapMirror agent
New features and changes in release 5.1 AP1
Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Folder level mount point support in SnapDrive
MPIO support using iSCSI
VCS MOM 2005 management pack for SQL 2008
Changes to the VCS NetAppSnapDrive agent
Changes to the VCS wizards
New features and changes in release 5.1
Veritas Cluster Server Management Console 5.1 available
Client support on Windows Vista
BlackBerry Enterprise Server support
VCW support for configuring VCS LLT over UDP
Support for Oracle on 64-bit Windows servers
Configuration Checker enhancements
No longer supported
Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 SP1 does not support Windows Server 2000
VCS no longer includes agents and configuration wizards for NetBackup
Symantec License Inventory Management (SLIM)
License policy
Installation requirements
Supported hardware
Supported software
Hardware requirements
System processor
Display resolution
Supported browsers
Supported client operating systems
VMware ESX server support
Firewall and anti-spyware considerations
Software limitations
Unable to restore user database using SnapManager for SQL
UUID files are always installed to the default installation path
SnapDrive service fails to start after uninstalling VCS
Windows Safe Mode boot options not supported (1234512)
Service group offline alerts remain unresolved on a MOM 2005 server (1217601)
File shares on Windows Server 2008 are not accessible using the virtual IP address (1214494)
Cluster address for global cluster requires resolved virtual IP
Cluster Manager consoles do not update GlobalCounter
Cluster Manager (Java Console)
Service group dependency limitations
Incorrect updates to path and name of with spaces
Lock by third-party monitoring tools on shared volumes
Symantec Product Authentication Service
WAN cards are not supported
Incorrect updates to path and name of
Limitation on SnapManager for Exchange
Undocumented commands and command options
Undefined behavior when using VCS wizards for modifying incorrectly configured service groups
Exchange virtual servers are shown as non-reachable in the Exchange Service Manager
Cannot connect to the other LUNs on the NetApp Filer from the node on which the Exchange service group is online
SnapDrive resources fail to offline for a standalone Exchange Server in a VCS environment (797915)
Security issue when using Java-GUI and default cluster admin credentials (1188218)
VCWSilent does not support LLT over UDP configuration
VCW does not support configuring broadcasting for UDP
For LLT over UDP, VCW does not support the Low Priority option for a network adapter (1260629)
Solutions wizard support in a 64-bit VMware environment
All servers in a cluster must run the same operating system
Cannot rename nodes with Veritas Security Services
Schedule backups on online nodes
MirrorView agent resource faults when agent is killed (508066)
Exchange virtual servers are shown as non-reachable in the Exchange Service Manager (333108)
Undefined behavior when using VCS wizards for modifying incorrectly configured service groups (253007)
Systems in a cluster must have same system locale setting
Virtual fire drill not supported in Windows environments
Known issues
Cannot log on to the Cluster Manager (Java Console) after upgrading to Service Pack 1 (1871939)
Global group fails to come online on the DR site with a message that it is in the middle of a group operation (1795151)
Unable to access SQL Server 2008 databases upon failover (1876562)
VCS wizards fail to launch after removing Service Pack 1 (1871093)
VCW is unable to configure the VCS HAD Helper service user account in a domain having a Windows 2000 domain controller
The VCS VRTSWebApp resource fails to come online if port 8443 is unavailable (1536080)
Uninstalling the product does not remove all the documentation files (1746166)
Re-import after uninstalling VCS 5.1 SP1 (1835311)
SQL instance running on 64-bit machine is not discovered by MOM 2005 server (1449804)
Version conflict error while importing the VCS 5.1 SQL management pack for MOM 2005 (1471181)
Cannot create or map LUNs on a node where an Exchange 2003 service group is brought online (1444066)
SQL Server 2008 Analysis and Agent service resources may go in to an unknown state (1466012)
Memory leak occurs in the VCS agent for SQL 2008 (1466183)
VCS cluster configuration fails if Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 MR3 version is installed (1455690, 1315813)
Issue while configuring a secure cluster (1466003)
If VCS upgrade fails on one or more nodes, HAD fails to start and cluster becomes unusable
Symantec Endpoint Protection security policy may block the VCS Cluster Configuration Wizard (1315813)
Reconfiguring the root broker multiple times may cause issues in a secure cluster (1260632)
Options on the Domain Selection panel in the VCS Cluster Configuration Wizard are disabled (1213943)
Unable to add FileShare or CompositeFileShare resource using the Cluster Management Console (1249373)
VCS uninstallation halts and displays an error message; uninstall continues after clearing the message.
If the network adapters are unable to ping each other, the cluster nodes may not get GAB membership
Saving large configuration results in very large file size for (616818)
AutoStart may violate limits and prerequisites load policy
Trigger not invoked in REMOTE_BUILD state
Some alert messages do not display correctly (612268)
Mount resource fails to bring file share service group online (1266158)
Mount agent may go in unknown state on virtual machines (1262346)
Fibre Channel adapters may require modified settings
Emulex Fibre Channel adapters
QLogic Fibre Channel adapters
Issues related to the VCS engine
Engine may hang in LEAVING state
Timing issues with AutoStart policy
Issues related to Cluster Manager (Java Console)
Cluster Manager (Java console) fails to launch if CMC 5.1 is installed (1261117)
Cluster connection error while converting local service group to a global service group (1295394)
Exception when selecting preferences (585532)
Common system names in a global cluster setup
Repaint feature does not work properly when look and feel preference is set to Java (1082952)
Java Console errors in a localized environment
Agent logs may not be displayed (643753)
Issues related to global service groups
VCW configures a resource for GCO in a cluster without a valid GCO license
Group does not go online on AutoStart node
Declare cluster dialog may not display highest priority cluster as failover target
Cross-cluster switch may cause concurrency violation
Changes to referenced attributes do not propagate
ArgListValue attribute may not display updated values
Resource fails to online after failover on secondary
AutoStart may violate limits and prerequisites load policy
VCS Simulator installation may require a reboot
Issues related to secure clusters
Upgrading a secure cluster may require HAD restart (849401, 1264386)
New user does not have administrator rights in Java GUI (614323)
VCS 5.1 SP1 with Microsoft Exchange Server
Mail clients cannot access Exchange front-end/back-end servers configured for RPC over HTTP connections (787278)
Exchange service group does not fail over after installing ScanMail 8.0 (1054793)
Error while performing Exchange post-installation steps
Exchange Setup Wizard does not allow a node to be rebuilt and fails during installation (256740)
Metabase update for Exchange may take a longer time
Exchange Setup Wizard messages
VCS Configuration Wizard may fail to add nodes or reconfigure a cluster with an online Exchange service group (263698)
Resource for Exchange Information Store may take time to online
Error when reconfiguring cluster or creating the ClusterService group if an Exchange 2003 service group is online (1171088)
Exchange Best Practices Analyser health check fails with server name mismatch error (1166985)
Other issues
Resources in a parent service group may fail to come online if the AutoStart attribute for the resources is set to 0 (1363503)
VCS wizards may fail to probe resources (1318552)
Print Share wizard may fail to discover the PrintSpool resource if NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled (1248877)
Software fixes and enhancements in 5.1 SP1
Software fixes and enhancement in 5.1 AP1
Software fixes and enhancements in 5.1
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