Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.2.1 - Deployment Requirements


Table of Contents:
About this document
Intended audience
DRA deployment architecture
Deployment environment
DRA server
Oracle environment and licensing
Web client requirements
Credentials and collection methods used
About setting up DRA user profiles
About privilege control software
Data collection from EMC Control Center
Data collection from SYMCLI through a UNIX proxy
Data collection from NaviCLI through a UNIX proxy
Data collection from HDS HiCommand
Data collection from NetApp
Data collection from VMware vCenter
Data collection from UNIX hosts
Privileged commands on AIX
Data collection from Windows
Data collection from databases
Mail server configuration
Network and other environmental recommendations
Methods for secure privilege provisioning
sudo on UNIX hosts
UNIX Privilege Manager
Suggested Oracle grant provisioning
Granting dictionary select privileges (recommended)
Granting individual view select privileges
Suggested MS SQL Server grant provisioning
Commands used to collect data from NetApp
Queries used to scan EMC ECC
Configuring DRA for ECC scanning over JDBC SSL (Oracle)
Configuring an SSL policy
Copying the wallet file from the ECC Repository server

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