Veritas CommandCentral Storage Change Manager 5.1.1 Release Notes

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About Veritas CommandCentral Storage Change Manager
What's new in CommandCentral Storage Change Manager 5.1.1
Preinstallation configuration requirements
Operating system requirements
Supported locales
Solaris updates required for CommandCentral
Windows updates required for CommandCentral
HP-UX updates required for CommandCentral
AIX updates required for CommandCentral
Red Hat Linux updates required for CommandCentral
System resource requirements
Solaris system requirements
Windows system requirements
HP-UX system requirements
AIX system requirements
Linux system requirements
CommandCentral Web browser requirements
Co-existence of CommandCentral components with other Symantec products
Issues fixed in CommandCentral Storage Change Manager 5.1.1
Install, uninstall, and upgrade issues
Default agent password cannot be changed using CommandCentral product installer on UNIX (859670)
Managed host fails to install when shell on remote UNIX managed host is configured as tcsh or csh (1170715)
Summary file not created during managed host installation on UNIX (1143138)
Erroneous reference to response file at end of Management Server install on Solaris (1140473)
CommandCentral installations on Windows fail while configuring SICL (1171143)
Mistyped Management Server name cannot be corrected in the Windows managed host installer (1449432)
Error message appears during uninstall of the Management Server from a Windows host (1432751)
Authentication Service fails to upgrade during Management Server installation on Windows (1427441)
VRTSWeb folder remains after uninstalling the Management Server on Windows (1292780)
Error message about inability to copy files to /var/tmp displays during install (1438157)
HAL configuration fails during managed host install on AIX 5.3 TL06 or TL07 (1431432)
Windows' Service Control Manager displays error when selecting the Symantec Product Authentication Service (1368976)
installccstor command lists unsupported options (1402292)
Incorrect folder appears when clicking View ReadMe in Windows installer (1449592)
Managed host silent install fails with message about inability to open log file at line 966 (1363772)
In Push Install Utility, Add IP button not enabled after pasting host name (1423059)
Data and configuration files remain after uninstalling the managed host from a Linux host (1397051)
NetBackup 6.5 does not run properly after installing CommandCentral 5.1.1 (1407023)
Error message appears when uninstalling Symantec Product Authentication Service on a Windows managed host (1368709)
Symantec Production Authorization Service stops after uninstalling CommandCentral from a Windows host (1465585)
Uninstalling the Management Server or managed host from UNIX fails (1673272)
Installer freezes during install of the Management Server on a Windows host that runs Storage Foundation (1800374)
Installation of the Management Server fails on a Solaris 10 host with local zones and Storage Foundation 5.1 (1843473)
Management Server and database issues
Array and CIMVAIL log files consume large amount of disk space (1458508)
The command "net start VRTSsmweb" fails (1806029)
Managed host issues
CommandCentral services do not start after you reboot a Windows managed host (1799326)
Console and report issues
"PermGen space" error displays in the Console (1438595)
Console does not load after upgrade to 5.1.1 on a Windows host (1453312)
The Console's footer displays in a report (1246715)
Cannot move table columns that display in reports (1320217)
Incorrect icon displays for user-created hosts (1450036)
HTTP status exception displays when logging in to the Console (1476311)
Exception appears in the Enterprise Reporter Console and CommandCentral Storage Change Manager Console (1706550)
Runtime error appears in Console after upgrade to 5.1.1 (1831803)
User management issues
Domains not available for user accounts and user groups (1792352)
Device and device configuration issues
Device configuration name does not change after modification (853400)
Change detection does not work for a Symmetrix explorer that runs on a Linux managed host (1386606)
Do not use an existing IP address for array configuration (582094)
Error message displays when configuring an array explorer from a 5.0 or 5.0 MP1 managed host (1379639)
Discovery issues
HP EVA: Disabling discovery of Management Appliance does not disable discovery of arrays (614523)
Discovery of NetApp unified storage devices fail if NetApp explorer debug level is set to 6 (1239973)
Hitachi HiCommand WMS storage array appears twice after upgrade (1796494)
Discovery error for EMC Celerra unified storage system if debug level is not 1 (1835013)
Changes, policies, and violations issues
Erroneous change messages state that virtual machine was renamed (1450331)
Message about displays when using the command (1194299)
Storage Change Manager Server not running because "could not reserve enough space for object heap" (1297307)
Erroneous change messages about change in an EMC Symmetrix storage array's RAID level (1148771) script hangs on 64-bit Windows host (1440261)
After upgrading 4.x managed host to 5.x, policies do not transfer to the 5.x objects (1361782)
Policies no longer applied to host and its objects after installing the managed host on an agentless host (1369045)
About CommandCentral Storage Change Manager documentation
Commenting on product documentation
Displaying online help
Contacting Symantec
Using the support web site
Subscribing to email notification service
Accessing telephone support
Obtaining support by email
Obtaining license information
Purchasing products

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