Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.1.1 - Release Notes

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Table of Contents:
What's included
DRA features
System requirements and software limitations
New features
Fixed issues
DRA may generate irrelevant tickets for replication pairs
DRA generates tickets for development or QA databases
In NetApp filers, the Model property is missing
DRA does not log memory-related gap failures
When you view the topology of closed tickets, some entities may be missing properties and empty items may be displayed
When both cluster hosts are manually defined as standby, DRA writes no available informationŽ as the ticket description
NetApp SnapMirror Replication information is not displayed in one area of the user interface
DRA may generate false storage array inconsistency tickets about related storage devices and their arrays
You cannot tell the difference between unused storage device tickets and manually-suppressed tickets
DRA generates duplicate tickets for databases, file systems, and volume groups stored on mixed storage types
In a cluster switchover or failover event, DRA may close and reopen tickets
DRA may generate duplicate tickets about the volume group and the database files that are stored on it
DRA may generate incorrect tickets about replica data age issues
DRA may generate incorrect tickets about multi-path inconsistency
DRA generates duplicate tickets for a standby host
DRA may generate false tickets about a host
DRA may generate false tickets about data age
Links in tickets may not point to the appropriate files
The DRA cycle takes too long to complete
The data age of a NetApp QTree in a replicated volume may not be correct
A probe can be executed and discovered manually in the configuration wizard, even if it is disabled
The Detection Date in the Topology view may differ from the actual date the items were detected
Memory size may be displayed inconsistently
If Tomcat is not running, DRA may not automatically start after installation
DRA fails to detect out-of-order hot backup copies for Oracle 11 databases
You cannot manually add an existing database to the system
The Infrastructure Change Log report detects incorrect changes after an upgrade
After an upgrade, a probe in storage array windows is unknown
Known issues
Ticketing and reporting issues
Generating a Ticket Details report with the Topology option checked may take too long
The number of storage volumes reported on the dynamic volume differs from the actual number
DRA reports that volume groups stored on direct-attached storage (DAS) have no DAS storage volumes
For source volume groups that are defined using direct logical-to-physical volume mapping, DRA may generate tickets about volume group replica inconsistency; however, each logical volume is consistent
DRA may generate multiple tickets with the same meaning
Under Reports, the Export Host Data Protection report to PDF/RTF button is grayed out
DRA may generate duplicate tickets about a host and its database
DRA does not discover issues about certain drives
DRA may generate false tickets about database files stored on a mixture of RAID types
DRA may generate false tickets about an EMC Symmetrix device
The Tickets module may not show new tickets
In CLARiiON Flare V6.19, the state property is not displayed
DRA may generate tickets about missing device groups, even though the VCS node does not have SymCLI installed
DRA may not always discover clones
Cycle issues
DRA may not collect ECC data and will generate an error
Queries may fail when DRA scans a suspended database
DRA does not collect device vendors in all environments
In specific situations, when a replication source becomes the target and the target becomes the source, DRA does not calculate the data age for the replication
Probe scan status icon keeps revolving
The creation time of a CLARiiON SnapView session may be incorrect
Topology view issues
The Topology search for relationships may take too long to complete
Installation issues
Entering incorrect data during an installation or upgrade hangs the installer
The DRA installer continues installation, even when the JRE installation fails
SLA issues
In certain situations, the SLA module is only partially updated
Scanning issues
DRA may identify unknown devices incorrectly
A report that DRA successfully collected data may be incorrect
A report that DRA successfully scanned the Oracle ASM database may be incorrect
When an Oracle instance name differs from its database name, DRA detects the database as an instance and adds it to the system
Users are not blocked from certain operations while a probe is running
Storage array devices may be shown improperly if the storage proxy used in DRA was changed
Scanning DB2 on a host scanned using a proxy is not possible
Scanning a manually-added DB2 does not work
Getting help

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