How to Contact Support

How to Contact Support

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Last Published: 2021-08-31
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Learn about the various ways in which you can contact support. This article also includes a description of our severity levels and a checklist of information you should provide when reporting a problem. This article is part of a larger document, read the full Veritas Support Services Welcome Guide here.


Telephone Services

A list of worldwide Veritas Support Solutions contact numbers is available on our Support Website

To access the Phone directory, please visit the Support Website and select the “Phone directory” tab:

Local Language Support

Depending on your location, we may offer non-English language support during Regional Business Hours. 

View the Local Language Support Table here.


Verified Support

United States (U.S.)-based customers can subscribe to Veritas Verified Support for U.S.-based technical support delivered by U.S. persons.

To learn more about Verified Support, please visit Veritas Verified Support.


Business Critical Services RPS

If you are a customer with BCS Remote Product Specialist (RPS), then you can directly contact your Remote Product Specialist for all support-related matters.


Chat Services

To connect with Veritas Support via chat, please visit the Support Website and select the “Start chat” tab:

Severity Levels Explained

The Severity Level reflects your assessment of the potential adverse impact on your business. When contacting a support agent, your reported Severity Level must match its Severity Level Definition.

The following matrix will provide an overview of the Severity Levels and their definitions: 

Please refer to our Technical Support Solutions Handbook for a more in-depth breakdown of our response targets following acknowledgement of your assessed Severity Level.


Escalating a Support Case

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your case, you may request an escalation. To begin the escalation process, contact your sales or account team and request your support case be escalated OR Contact Veritas Technical Support and ask to speak to the Escalation Management team.

We will then assign your case to an escalation manager, who will act as your advocate and help bring about a timely resolution of the escalated issue.


How to Report a Problem

When contacting support, it is crucial that you provide our support team sufficient information to diagnose the issue and identify a solution. The more information you provide, the greater our ability to connect you to the right resource to solve your issue.

The following checklist will outline the essential information to provide when contacting support to report a problem:

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